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How a Small Town 6-Figure Stylist Moved To A New City & Doubled Her Income

Austen Greer - Licensed NBR Artist Texas - The Light Collective
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Relocating and rebuilding a client base from scratch? 
No problem! Austen Greer did it successfully and has broken that glass ceiling yet again.

Austen’s journey from a small town in Louisiana, where she made good money behind the chair, to doubling her income when she moved to San Antonio, Texas, is nothing short of inspiring. 

She highlights the ups and downs of relocating and building a new client base from scratch. Emphasizing the magic of hard work, staying humble, and always learning to grow personally and professionally.

Austen’s dedication to mastering Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) hair extensions and her savvy marketing skills have been game-changers. 

These strategies helped her double her income and build a luxury brand that truly resonates with her dream clientele.

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll be inspired and ready to take your career to the next level no matter what challenges you face.

“I was not afraid of feedback. I can’t have an ego when it comes to getting people in the door and sitting in my chair. I’m not too proud to ask for help and take feedback from people I look up to.”

– Austen Greer

Austen has been styling hair since 2017 and is nowhere near the finish line. She became a Licensed NBR Artist in May 2022 and is passionate about perfecting her craft for each guest.

From a young age, Austen was the friend who always did everyone’s hair. At 18, she decided to turn that hobby into a career. After four years behind the chair, she discovered Natural Beaded Rows Extensions and never looked back.

In her first year of learning NBR and joining The Academy, Austen doubled her income while living in Mandeville, Louisiana.

At the end of 2023, life swept her off to the city of San Antonio, Texas, where she had to build her clientele from scratch. Thanks to her NBR Tribe’s feedback and her relentless effort, she not only built an amazing clientele in her new city but also doubled her income once again!

Austen is known for providing a transformative experience and is determined to give her clients the most personal experience when stepping into her salon, The Light Collective.

In this episode:
00:00: Introduction and welcome Austen
02:30: Austin’s journey from a small town to San Antonio
05:00: Overcoming challenges and the importance of hard work
07:45: Targeting the right market and the power of authenticity
10:30: The impact of NBR extensions on clients and stylists
13:15: Continuous learning and growth in the beauty industry
15:50: Final thoughts

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