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Mastermind for Licensed NBR Artists

A subscription-based Mastermind with a like minded community of high-level 6 figure licensed NBR Artists.

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ready to crush YOUR BIG GOALS?

Fuel Your Ambition & Ignite Your Success

Mastermind is an exclusive community of driven and dedicated hairstylists thirsty for success. Made up of Artists who are not only passionate and empowered but also eager to embrace more in every aspect of their lives. More education, more in business, and more personal growth.

Whether your goal is to expand your business, establish yourself as an authority within your salon, or become a prominent leader in the industry and among this tribe, our mission is to support your continuous growth as an Artist. We are committed to providing you with the essential tools, resources, and support to propel you to the next level.

Here's What's Inside Mastermind.

Mastermind is for Licensed NBR Artists who have graduated The NBR Academy and desire to be part of an ambitious community of like-minded stylists, all producing 6-figures a year. Your experience is tailored to your marketing, business, and income goals to establish a better business flow and scale your income.

Inside look: what to expect inside mastermind

Virtual Education & Coaching

Take your growth journey to the next level with our weekly 90 minute calls, conducted live on Zoom. Before each session, you'll have access to the topics in advance, allowing you to prepare and fully engage in dynamic conversations.


Unlike the interactive weekly live training, the Mastermind Bonus Trainings are on-demand topic-specific trainings that go deeper into the topics you need assistance with the most.

Access to ongoing personalized feedback and guidance on any business or extension-related questions you may have. You can take advantage of this support as often as you'd like, empowering you to continually enhance your skills and make informed decisions when you need it.

In-Person Education

We firmly believe in the profound impact of in-person education and human connection. That's why our carefully crafted in-person education is tailored to meet the needs of every level of Artist, guaranteeing individualized attention and personal growth


Attend up to two Academy Intensives each year, fully included in your membership! These Intensives are carefully crafted to stretch your boundaries and propel you toward new stages of artistry and business success.

Academy Convention is all about artistic inspiration and recharging your business batteries. The schedule is always different, but you can expect to be immersed in higher-level conversations and relevant lessons to support your goals.

Exclusive ISLA® Rewards


Introducing ISLA® Rewards, exclusively available to Mastermind artists, designed to bolster your business growth and enhance your profits without any additional workload. The concept is simple yet powerful – you will receive a credit four times a year that can be utilized for any purchase you make. 

Effective management of business expenses is vital, especially regarding hair-related costs, where expenses on beads, string, color, back bar, and more can quickly accumulate. Plus, specializing in hair extensions means the hair is most likely one of your biggest expenses, and there’s no way around it.

This exclusive program empowers you to maximize resources and ultimately flourish in your business ventures. Up to 5% back quarterly on your ISLA purchases. 

Growth Tools & Community

Both our Mastermind Workspace and the Warrior App provide assistance and support to help you set and achieve your biggest goals in life and in career.


This access presents an opportunity for you to pursue further personal and professional development, enabling you to become the person you aspire to be. The Warrior App provides assistance and support to help you set and achieve even bigger goals in life.

Connect freely with elite like-minded artists, share insights, ask questions, and collaborate through our private online community. Whether you're looking for inspiration, seeking advice, or simply want to engage in meaningful discussions with fellow sucessful hairstylists, the Mastermind Workplace is your go-to destination.

Top Level NBR Status & Benefits


Enhanced Affiliate Earning: Up to $1500 per referral for Intensive and Academy programs.

Being a Licensed NBR Artist is a testament to your commitment in honing your craft and mastering the NBR technique. We reward your commitment with enhanced earning opportunities and benefits only Masterminders get.

Mentorship Opportunities: Reap BIG rewards, personally and monetarily, apply to join NBR Mentorship program.

Networking & Visibility: Featured on NBR Stylist Directory, featured on NBR social accounts, latest marketing strategy tips and bonus design assets.

“I don't want to stop putting in the work. I don't want to stop pushing forward. I don't want to stop continuing to give my clients the best that I feel they deserve.”

- lIZ l.

How does this sound?


A tailored NBR focus plan to fit your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals.


✨ Curated resources and a personalized attention to support your path to success.


Trusted and accessible mentors to help you cut through the noise and hit your goals.


Two NBR Intensives per year of enrollment to ensure you're giving your clients the best service you can possibly offer.


Feeling truly empowered and capable to build the career you want for yourself.

benefits of joining mastermind

I love the accountability and putting out what I wanna work on for the week... it keeps me more accountable with what I'm doing behind the chair and in front of the chair.

“My favorite part about Mastermind is definitely the Monday call...”

Accountability is a game changer


Mastermind has been extremely helpful because I work by myself. It's nice to just be able to reflect on things with the group; it's huge for problem solving.

“Just knowing that someone knows what the hell I'm talking about and can help me work through issues is worth everything...”


collaborative trouble shooting, priceless

This call was such a sense of relief, I wish I had tried to do them sooner in my training. I’m so grateful I finally did. Please use the tools you are given, our coaches are here to help, and I’m so grateful for them! I’m so grateful for this entire community. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help! 

“Being Licensed and in Mastermind, I went almost 4 years without jumping on a 1:1 call for help.”

1:1 coaching calls, pure gold


What They're Saying

Is This Right for You?

you want access to ongoing personalized feedback to hone your NBR Skills.

You want to enjoy a community workspace of encouraging peers and mentors.  

YOu want to establish a smooth system for scaling your business income. 

You want a growth plan that's tailored specifically for your lifestyle and goals.

You want to focus on proven marketing actions that move the needle, not waste time on ineffective trends.

sound good to you?

Join us inside NBR Mastermind

Are you ready to step into a world of limitless possibilities and actualize the life you've been dreaming of for yourself? Gain access to a powerful network of industry leaders, enjoy exclusive perks, and elevate your career beyond your imagination. Mastermind is the ultimate program for ambitious Licensed NBR Artists who are ready to conquer more.

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mastermind package: $500/mo OR $5K/Y