You've seen words like "seamless, hidden, or flawless" to describe hair extensions, 
only to find out they're not ANY of these things.

When it comes to education, you have many options.

Here at NBR® Education we believe in targeted training, ensuring you know WHY our method works and how to customize it to each client's unique needs.

breaking the mold of what it means to be a hair stylist & disrupting beauty industry standards


In 12 months, you could be making a SIX figure a year income, doing only clients you love, AND a money-back guarantee backs your tuition.

Opportunities to learn Natural Beaded Rows eXTENSIONS

2-Day NBR Intensive

Do you thrive in an in-person educational setting? Look no further than the 2-day NBR Intensive!

4 weeks prior to the class, you'll begin your guided pre-training with 13 online courses, weekly live calls, personalized feedback on assignments, and access to a private network to connect with classmates and coaches.

During the 2-day in-person class, you'll receive hands-on training and real-time feedback from expert coaches. You'll also have the opportunity to practice the skills you learned during pre-training and receive guidance on marketing your services.

Upon completion of the class, you'll retain access to the online training videos and the ISLA collection.

NBR Shadowing

NBR Shadowing caters to both current Academy members and past students who have completed a 2-day intensive class and is a custom tailored experience based on where you are currently at in your practice.

NBR Shadowing is the perfect opportunity to learn from the top NBR Artists who represent the gold standard of NBR and have been successful within their businesses.

If you are a returning student, you will receive access to the NBR Online Course which includes online training videos walking you through an NBR Appointment.

This online course is yours for life - so you can consume the material as fast or as slow as you wish and come back to it time and time again.

The Academy

Become a top NBR Artists with the ultimate training program - the Academy.

Our comprehensive program covers everything from the advanced skillsets of the NBR method, as well as crucial business, marketing, and sales strategies vital to your success.

With thousands of Artists trained and over 150 Academy graduates, we know our program works.

Our results speak for themselves, and we stand behind our Academy with a tuition-back guarantee. This means if you complete the Academy in 12 months or less, and you’re not on track to make six-figures, we’ll give you your full tuition back. Plus, you’ll keep your access to the program, so you can continue to learn and grow as an NBR Artist.

With all of the hand tied beaded sewn in invisible hidden methods on the market how do you know which one is best for you and your clients?

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The History of Natural Beaded Rows


  • Danielle learned and tried many different methods on herself throughout her journey to fill in her own fine, thinning hair.

    Each technique would either fall out, and she couldn't hide them, they would cause damage to the natural hair, or they were just downright uncomfortable. With every baby she had, Danielle kept losing more and more hair.

    Extensions at the time had a bad rap, and for good reason! Despite that Danielle didn't give up trying to find the best method.

    Around the same time, Danielle's husband had lost his job, they were nearly divorced, and on the verge of bankruptcy.

    With her knowledge of extensions, and the need to put food on the table for her daughters, Danielle decided to stop offering all services, besides extensions. Three months after being extensions exclusive, Danielle doubled her income. Six months later, it tripled.

  • She was making the kind of money she never thought a hairdresser could make!

  • Through trial and error, Danielle took what she knew about extensions and began trying different techniques. From there, the Natural Beaded Rows® Method was born!

    Finally, she created a method that worked for virtually every client, especially those with fine, thin, slipper hair. Aside from finding a solution for herself and her clients, Danielle had a strong desire to help Artists like you break the mold of what it means to be a hairdresser.

    Danielle began offering shadowing opportunities to learn the NBR® Method in her Laguna Beach, California salon. As demand kept increasing, she noticed one thing. While the Artists who shadowed her were having success with the tool of NBR®, it wasn't close to the success she was experiencing! She had to make a change, and from there, BMS®, the business, marketing, and sales education we've all grown to love was created.

  • As Artists began having success with the NBR® Method, Danielle wanted to create a proven path for Artists to turn their license into a life.

  • A path for each Artist's skill, art, and business to receive feedback and be backed by the NBR® Brand and Danielle herself. A path where Artists could be guaranteed to make the money they've always deserved. With hard work, determination, and maybe some blood, sweat, and tears, DKW® Styling Academy was born!

    NBR® Education and its education continue to evolve, Danielle and the team believe in continued education for their Artists and themselves, so you can always expect new topics and continuous opportunities to advance your mindset and skills.

  • Danielle and her team are continuously searching for the best and consistently updating education curriculum to best suit you!

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There's only one method that's stood the test of time

Don't just take it from us...

The Academy was created for me, and so many others like me. Men and women who are looking to change their lives, while making others feel good about themselves. You really can double or triple your income in 12 months. I came here to change my life, and I am!

Joseph R. | Licensed NBR® Artist

I tried every other method under the sun. I have fine hair but I was able to grow long hair, so I was just missing the volume. I’ve tried clip ins and other beaded methods and nothing really stuck. 4 years later I’m still here!

Karen H. | DKW® Styling Salon Client

My business has become a real business in my time in this program. When I began in late 2018 I was in a small 600 sq. foot studio working alone. Now I opened a 6 chair 1,500 sq. foot salon where all we do is specialize in NBR® and color. I produce about 4x the amount that I was producing 2 1/2 years ago.

Amanda G. | Licensed NBR® Artist

Wondering What Makes Natural Beaded Rows Different Than Other Methods?

It all starts with tHE placement!

The placement of NBR® allows clients to lead normal and active lifestyles.

With the placement being much higher than other methods, virtually no hairstyle is off-limits.

Whether high ponytails, buns, braids, space buns, or even half-up ponytails, your client is free to choose!

Let's talk about the beadwork...

The row's weight is distributed evenly throughout with minimal points of contact.

What does that mean for your client?

Well, for one, their natural hair can grow without any obstruction, damage, or discomfort.

Yup, they can expect no problems with brushing even with 6-8 weeks of grow out.

The sections pulled into the bead are carefully taken and always put at the correct angle, with just the right amount of tension.

Healthier hair. Happier Client.

No tape or harsh chemicals

Being one of the original hand-tied methods, one thing about NBR® never has and never will change: the materials used from start to finish! Beads. String. ISLA® Hair.

That's all you need to create stunning transformations for every type of client!

No more worrying about damage when it comes to removing NBR®. Chemicals are never needed, and it's a simple 5-minute process.

Using natural materials allows clients to enjoy activities they love without causing problems to the extensions.

Swimming, hot yoga, shampooing, and conditioning on the scalp are all okay with NBR®!

Custom color

NBR® uses the ISLA® Hairline, which Danielle created specifically for NBR® Artists.

The ISLA® Collection is exclusive to students of NBR® Education.

ISLA® Hair always fades on tone, so you never have to worry about clients returning with yellow or orange tones. (unless it's one of those clients that loves to diy. You're already thinking of who THAT client is, aren't you?)

We also teach you how to custom color the hair to achieve a seamless blend on day one that lasts through week 6-8.

As Danielle began to teach other Artists NBR®, one MASSIVE problem came to light...


Students were not getting the same results she had. The hair looked beautiful, but they had trouble getting clients in their chairs.
How will you get more clients if you are great at something but no one knows you do it?

Slowly she realized that although she was producing great hair, the marketing and branding she was doing made the biggest difference.

If you don't understand how to prop your business up WITHOUT being behind the chair six days a week, then you are ALREADY FAILING.

NBR® is the art BEHIND the chair.

BMS® is the Business, Marketing, and Sales in FRONT of the chair. BMS® teaches you the simple steps to begin transforming your business.

Why try things the hard way when there is already a proven path that works?

Together NBR® & BMS® merge to make you a LETHAL business owner.

Being just a hairstylist isn't enough anymore.
It's time for you to level up.

Choose a Method With Education made FOR Artists, BY Artists

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most frequently answered questions

The DKW® Styling Academy Program Guarantees that by the time you graduate and become a Licensed NBR® Artist, you will be producing a 6-figure annualized revenue run rate*.

For this guarantee to be upheld, you must have completed and submitted all program requirements in their respective orders in a single and unbroken 12-month timeframe.

If you complete the required program curriculum within 12 months and are not at a 6-figure annualized revenue run rate*, you will receive a full refund of your tuition costs while keeping access to the program.

*Annualized Revenue Run Rate is be calculated based on my final month before graduating.

The NBR® Directory is where we send all inquiries looking for a recommended NBR® Artist so although no you will not be placed on the map when you join the Academy, you will upon graduating the program.

The NBR® Extension method and all of the lessons inside the Academy is so special to us that we do not offer refunds or transfers.

We are here to support you

If you have any questions that were not answered please reach out!

Earnings/Income Disclaimer:
We don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs.
We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others, and that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs, and strategies.
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