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In this episode, Danielle sits down with Britta Van Boerum, a salon owner from Holiday, Utah, and a Licensed NBR artist. Britta’s journey from joining the NBR Academy in January 2021, right after COVID, as a new stylist to significantly fast-tracking her business proves that age is just a number when it comes to achieving success.

Britta shares how joining the NBR Academy was the best decision of her life, despite going to the University of Utah and graduating with a Marketing degree. 

They also dive into the power of having a supportive team, the art of delegating tasks, and the value of structure and routines to maintain balance and success in both personal and professional spheres.

Join us for this empowering conversation and discover how age is no barrier to success. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to chase your dreams, no matter your starting point!

“The best decision I’ve made in my entire life was joining NBR and not looking back.”

– Britta Van Boerum

Britta owns Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in bright, blended blondes and preserving the integrity of her client’s natural hair.

When Britta applied for NBR Academy in 2021, on average, she was making $6-8k per month, but Britta had plans to break that glass ceiling, and by 2023, she had tripled her income. Her remarkable achievements earned her a spot in Utah Business’s “20 in Their 20s,” which showcases top business owners in their 20s.

Britta’s journey into hairstyling took an unexpected turn just four weeks before opening Skandia Kollektiv Extension Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her mother suffered a tragic accident, becoming a double bilateral amputee. This challenge made Britta rethink her salon’s purpose,  and Britta saw her mission: to empower women to feel strong and confident.

Witnessing her mother’s struggle, Britta understood that while she couldn’t change her reality, she could provide an experience that allowed her mother to feel more like herself again. NBR offered her mother a sense of identity and helped her regain some of the confidence she had before the accident. Britta’s work is about more than just hair; it’s about helping women transform into the strong, empowered individuals they truly are.

In this episode:
00:00 Introduction 
5:01 The impact of NBR on Britta’s career and personal growth 
10:01 Discussion on salon culture and team dynamics 
15:01 The importance of routines for personal and professional success 
20:01 Challenges of being a salon owner and learning to delegate 
25:01 The transformative power of NBR for stylists and clients
30:01 Closing thoughts

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