Hi! I’m danielle.

Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows Extensions Method, ISLA Hair, and owner of DKW Styling Salon. I'm so glad you found us! We have so much to share with you. Get a behind the method look below.

A little about my journey

NBR was born out of frustration with my own baby fine hair. I tried every extensions method available and never achieved the results I wanted— results I KNEW were possible.  

In 2011, I created the groundbreaking Natural Beaded Rows method, which revolutionized the extensions industry for the better. This method not only propelled my own business into multiple 7 figures but also exceeded my wildest expectations for success.

As I taught other stylists the method, more reached out, which led me to begin NBR Education, dedicated to equipping stylists with not just an exceptional extension method but also a straightforward business and marketing growth model.

Since introducing this comprehensive training program, countless stylists have transformed into 6+ figure artists. Witnessing the delight mingled with astonishment as fellow stylists realize their dreams of a fulfilling lifestyle and career is truly my greatest reward. Dive deeper into my journey by watching the video below!

Inside look: How it all started
with danielle k. white

The NBR Method

Using only three materials –beads, thread, and wefts of hand-tied hair to install, NBR Hair Extensions are supported by an intricate foundation custom-tailored to each clients unique needs. Unlike most traditional hair extension methods, NBR does not show, slip out, or cause damage to the natural hair. While NBR was created for people with fine, thinning hair that never seems to grow, NBR is proven to work on any hair texture or density.

Comfortable and easy to care for

Strong and resilient to suit an active lifestyle

Supports healthy hair growth

Will not slip out, EVER

Easy to style, from ponytails to top nots, no one will ever know you have extensions!

the Benefits

ISLA® BY NBR®, Elevated Wefts

The quality of the hair you work with contributes significantly to the method's success. ISLA hand-tied hair is meticulously crafted to complement the NBR method flawlessly. With over 18 base color blends, three different textures, and three lengths, ISLA hair allows you to tailor the perfect blend for each unique install.

The science behind it is straightforward: double-drawn wefts allow for fewer wefts per row, creating flatter, more concealed rows without compromising fullness. ISLA hair remains tangle-free, maintaining its color and texture, and always fades on tone, ensuring your hair remains impeccable between appointments.

The NBR 6-Figure Stylist Roadmap

Get an inside look at our proven 6-Figure Stylist framework, PLUS our client posing tips, must have photography tools, and apps!



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