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The NBR 6 Figure Stylist Framework

What does it *really* take to become a 6 Figure Hair Extensions Specialist, living the dream of getting paid $1500 to $3000 appointment and only having to work 12 to 15 days out of the month? This masterclass pulls back the curtain to get an inside look at the framework hundreds of stylists have used to take control of their careers and achieve their own versions of success.

What's inside:

💸 The #1 thing you need that allows you to scale to 6 figures.

This one is a no brainer. Can you guess what it is? Few stylists possess this key ingredient to rapidly grow their revenue. It's not easy to come by but once you have it, you are golden. 😉

I love talking about this one because I've trained in every method out there, and honestly when I saw the hype around NBR I was skeptical. But the moment I started with NBR it was like the clouds parted and I was having a revelation with angels singing in the background. 

🪄 How NBR creates such jaw dropping results so consistently.

I walk you through the NBR success framework we teach that has led hundreds of stylist to rapidly become 6 figure earning artist. Plus real time numbers students are hitting inside the training within just a few months.

🙌 An inside look at why NBR Success Model is such a sure thing.

Hi, I'm Katie. NBR alumni, multiple 6 figure stylist, and the Director of Education here at NBR Edu.

Just a few years ago I was where many of you may be now. Hustling. Long hours, struggling to achieve a balanced life work schedule as a new mom, juggling celebrity events and salon clients, and frankly just not feeling creatively fulfilled with my client work. I've alway loved the artistic and transformative possibility of extension, but until I found NBR none of the other (I've done them all) methods were hitting the mark.

When I first found NBR I thought it was too good to be true, but 7 years later I can confidently say it's the real deal. In this intimate webinar I'm pulling back the curtain and giving you an up close look at the key foundational framework myself and so many others have used to gain total control over their careers.

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