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Welcome to the NBR blog. Here you'll find a wealth of great resources for stylists. Be sure to check out our chart topping Podcast and grab our free 6 figure stylist masterclass.
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Welcome to the NBR Blog! We’re so happy you’re here.

Below you’ll find all the Big Money $tylist Podcasts we did with a focus on becoming a successful commission hair stylist. Even if you aren’t a commision stylist we know these episodes have bits of information for you to level up your career and reach a new level of success.

This series was created to show you that you have the power to create the life you want, no matter where you’re at. While we created this series with commissioned stylists in mind, we’re confident that booth renters, suite renters, and even salon owners can take away valuable information!

We can’t wait for you to dive into this series!

XO The NBR Team,

Episode 216 – Embracing Discomfort For Success

Danielle sits down with entreprenuer Lori Harder to discuss how being an entreprenuer can be SO SO difficult, but when you align your business choices with your personal values it will undoubtedly lead to success.
Our biggest takeaway? When Lori dropped this:

“You just need one experience in your life, that is outside of the box that makes you feel uncomfortable that is going to have bigger opportunities for you. Maybe even bigger opportunities than you feel worthy of right now. You need to put yourself in a situation thats uncomfortable to prove that you can just go.”

I mean talk about inspiration and empowerment!

Listen to the episode on your fav streaming service:

Episode 218 – Want to Become a 6-Figure Commission Stylist? Start Here.

In this episode, Krystal Coit, NBR Edu’s Lead Educator is spilling the tea on how to increase your income and become a 6-Figure Hairstylist. We love a girl who doesn’t gate keep! Get ready for Krystal to walk you through how to create strong marketing for your favorite high-paying services with model calls, showcasing beautiful transformations, and how to leverage social proof on social media.
Our favorite pieces of advice Krystal dropped? These little nuggets:

Establish a High-Ticket Offer.
Determine what high-value service you can offer, such as NBR extensions.

Build a Case for Your Service.
Use model calls to create and showcase transformations.

Grow Your Social Proof.
Regularly post before and after photos, testimonials, and content that highlights your expertise.

Be Consistent.
Commit to a regular schedule for posting on social media to build your brand.

Listen to the episode on your fav streaming service:

Episode 219 – Creating a Cult-Like Following Within a Commission Salon

How would you feel if you had an insanely loyal clientele in a commission salon where a stylist can go to anyone and know they’re going to get an amazing service? Pretty damn good right?!

For this episode we knew we needed to invite Jacqui Veta from DKW Styling Salon to the studio to share her biggest tips on client retention. Jacqui has been part of the team at DKW since 2019 and has a client retention rate of 94%. Our favorite quotes from this episode?

  1. “Being authentically you is the key to attracting like-minded clients.”
  2. “Having integrity as an artist will get you a long way.”

Knowing that being authentically and unapologetically you is key to building a faithful clientele makes us feel empowered. While delivering amazing results is always important, being true to you is just as if not more important in increasing your client retention.

Listen to the episode on your fav streaming service:

Episode 220 – Confesstions of a 6-Figure Extensionist

Wondering what it looks like to work in the big city of LA right off the Sunset Strip? Well, today you’ll get a peek into the life of Emily Flam, a Licensed NBR Artist who has the dreamiest social media marketing.

As we stalked her profile and saw her beautiful transformations, we knew we had to get her on the podcast.

Emily opens up about her experiences moving from a commission salon to a suite and then back to a commission salon, emphasizing the importance of aligning with a brand that shares her values and marketing yourself to attract the right clients.

And I think we can all agree that marketing can be scary and putting yourself out there is hard. Marketing and social media is always changing, and doing something new can have you feeling imposter syndrome at times, but we loved this quote: “You’re not an imposter; you’re just beginning to change.”

Let that really sink in…

YOU. Are NOT an imposter. You’re JUST beginning to change.

Listen to the episode on your fav streaming service:

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