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You know that feeling when you just want a change and decide to get bangs or chop all your hair? Well over at NBR HQ we were feeling like a makeover was in order for the NBR Brand.

I mean we’ve been around for 13 years and while we’ve revamped ourselves occasionally we decided a big change was in order.

In this episode of the Big Money $tylist podcast, Danielle K. White and Katie, the NBR Director of Education, dive into the biggest transformation of NBR Education yet.

So what got a makeover? Well, kind of everything! Branding. Messaging. Education Curriculum. You name it we’ve been working on it for the past year and a half! (good things take time!)

And what we learned in the process was invaluable.

This episode is a must-listen for hairstylists seeking to elevate their craft, embrace growth, and find their place within the supportive community.

“We never stop improving. We never stop looking at how can we do a better job of educating our students in a way that reduces overwhelm and actually empowers them to live their dream life.”

– Katie Guthrie, NBR Director of Education

In this episode:
00:00 Introduction
02:30 – Revamp of the NBR Academy and the importance of continuous improvement in education.
07:45 – The decision to make ISLA hair and training videos accessible for life to past students.
10:30 – Addressing past marketing strategies and moving towards a more inclusive and supportive community.
13:00 – Invitation to past students
15:30 – Delegating tasks and hiring experts
18:00 – New NBR Education website and what to expect.
23:30 – Encouragement for female entrepreneurs and hairstylists to join the podcast as guests to share their stories.
26:00 – Personal reflections on the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur and a woman in the beauty industry.

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