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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to hair extension education? It’s like looking at a Cheesecake Factory menu and might just make your head spin. From beaded rows to tape-ins and I-tips, the world of hair extensions can be like navigating a textbook-sized menu.

But here’s the twist: amidst the sea of options, one method stands as the true pioneer –the Natural Beaded Rows (aka NBR) Hair Extension method.

Here at NBR Education, we pride ourselves on being the first beaded row hair extension method to exclusively use hand-tied hair, but we believe that being the first isn’t good enough. It’s our dedication to providing the highest-quality education that sets us apart.

At NBR Education, we’ve developed a straightforward path to becoming a successful six-figure hairstylist. 

We don’t believe in class stacking. We believe in clear, concise, comprehensive education that helps you achieve your dreams. 

This is why your first step to becoming a six-figure NBR Extension Artist is to sign up for a 2-day NBR Certification Intensive. 

Here, you’ll become a Certified NBR Artist and learn the foundation of the 6-figure framework for hairstylists. That way, you can start earning the big bucks ASAP while you hone in your extension technique and business skills.

Once you are certified, you’ll receive an invitation to join The Academy, which combines extension mastery with hairstylist business coaching. 

Master the NBR technique, color science, and cutting– alongside implementing our proven step-by-step business foundation and growth template. Many of our ambitious stylists start doing 10K+ months while cutting their hours by month 3!

The best part about the academy is that our tuition-back guarantee backs your investment. 

Simply put in the work, graduate within 1 year, and if you’re not on track to make six figures, we will refund your full tuition! No gimmicks or strings attached. 

We mean it when we say our mission is to empower hairstylists to live their dreams and put our money where our mouth is. 

Our hybrid education approach allows you to learn virtually at your own pace, then is reinforced through in-person classes.

We want to ensure that you receive not only the education necessary to thrive as an extension specialist but also the business, marketing, and sales training critical to taking your career to the next level.

Wondering what that six-figure framework includes? Think about generating leads, social media marketing, price increases, quarterly goal setting, and more!

You’re not just choosing a run-of-the-mill extension training company by choosing NBR Education. You’re joining a community that has honed its skills over the past 12 years through hands-on experience, dedicated education, and in-depth market research.

We’ve got your back every step of the way on your path to create your dream life!

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Meet creator and founder of NBR and ISLA Hand-Tied Hair Danielle K. White and get a behind the method look into how NBR has created a healthy happy stylist culture and nation wide raving client fan base.

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The NBR 2 Day Intensive PLUS intro to The 6-Figure Framework for Stylists, is proven (1000's of times over) to bring your career to a whole new level. This hair extension certification is the first step toward becoming a Licensed NBR Artist, and it allows you to start earning the big bucks (ASAP) as you hone your technique and business skillset. 

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The NBR 6-Figure Stylist Roadmap

Get an inside look at our proven 6-Figure Stylist framework, PLUS our client posing tips, must have photography tools, and apps!