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Become a Licensed NBR artist and scale your income to 6+ Figures!

It's not an exaggeration when we say The Academy changes lives. If you want to become an elite hair extension stylist with multiple 6-figure income and a roster of clients who feel lucky to be in your chair (and happily pay you thousands), we can show you how.

*Completion of NBR 2-Day Certification Intensive required to apply.

NBR Academy is where your BIG career shift happens.

Extensions artistry mixed with business school for hairstylists. NBR mastery combined with The 6 Figure Stylist Framework is where the real mind blowing transformation happens. We've coached 500+ stylist to become multiple 6 figure Licensed NBR Artists. Every facet of your NBR business from the ground up is mapped out for you, paired with dedicated coaching. And, it's totally customizable to your busy life. When you join The NBR Academy you're entering into a proven 6 figure success framework, with a supportive insider community for life!

Game on! Let's do this.

Tell us if any of these resonate:

My Time/Money Ratio Sucks!

No matter how many hours you work, the life you want feels out of reach. You're exhausted and just can't see how you're ever going to hit the multiple 6 figures you want to make even though your booked out!

Feeling Isolated & Stuck.

You've got the talent, the passion, and BIG goals— but you find yourself spinning in analysis paralysis and uncertainty. You want to part of a community of like minded hair stylists (with big dreams too) that you enjoy connecting and pursuing your goals with.

I'm Just Not Business Savvy.

You dread the marketing, business, tech side of things. You just want someone to show you how to put smart business systems in place so you can bypass the stress and wasted hours of guess work, and move onto making money doing what you love.

I set goals that I couldn’t even imagine, and last year,
I tripled my income. It's amazing what life has given me. I’m on track to hit $500k this year!

Ashley, licensed nbr artist



From business structure to mindset shifts, transitioning can be tricky. We've helped hundreds of hair stylists transition into a successful business model and mindset to hit multiple 6 figures.

detailed extensions training + feedback

From NBR technique, to matching and selecting ISLA hair wefts, to jaw dropping color and cuts, we'll quickly lead you to mastery!


All NBR coaches/educators are licensed NBR Artists who have been through the program and are multiple 6 and 7 figure earners. You are learning from the best!

with Krystal & Katie

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Let's break it down.

The NBR Academy

Inside the Academy you'll learn to leverage The Systems, Strategies, Tools, and Techniques proven to work by Hundreds of Successful Hairstylists.



NBR Technique + BMS mastery

In the Academy you'll master the NBR extension method— how to pair different ISLA weft textures and colors for that wow factor, natural hair color blending, and cutting. Within the Academy, there are over 60 video lessons and at least 39 opportunities for feedback on your work that guide you step-by-step to consistently elevate your craft. Plus the BMS 6 Figure Stylist Framework (business, money, systems)  to effectively run your business (instead of it running you), build your dream clientele, and so much more.


Live feedback sessions

We’ve trained thousands of artists in the art and science of NBR® so we know where and why you're going to mess up and we can explain why your beads are suddenly doing “that weird thing”. With personalized feedback through the Academy… You’ll never waste a single second wondering if you’re putting the bead on right. Assignments inside the Academy are ALL individually reviewed by our team and you receive feedback on YOUR WORK so you can keep practicing and performing your art the right way!


6 Figure stylist framework

Our proven 6 figure BMS® framework (business, marketing, and systems) is specialized training for NBR® artists. It delivers the specific business procedures, mindsets, tech set-up, strategic marketing tactics, social media strategy, and sales skills critical to setting up a smooth, easy to manage business foundation. So you can wake up each day feeling clear, energized, and capable of growing a business you love.


Private Academy Social Network

As an artist striving to thrive rather than just survive, too often it can feel like you’re stranded on an island where nobody “gets you.” Plus, trying to master the art of Natural Beaded Rows® on your own can be a lonely road as you put in the practice to become the highly paid prize of your clients.  The Private Academy Network provides a space to stay inspired, energized, and empowered along with fellow artists who are on the same journey. 👋


2-day In Person

One of the best parts of the Academy is coming together with Artists who've walked the path before you. They're making the kind of money you want to make, they have all the time, space, and freedom you want to have. You'll get real-time, hands-on feedback and course corrections on your NBR®, have intimate conversations to get your questions answered. And have an absolute blast connecting, learning, noshing, and toasting with your peers! 🥂


A life long Support Network

After 12 months of pursuing and achieving your life long goals and dreams, you've built strong real relationships with our NBR Coaches and your peers going through the program with you. The supportive and like minded community of NBR artists extends well beyond the 12 month program. We're always here for you to reach out with questions when you feel stuck, and we absolutely love celebrating your wins with you!

How does this sound?



3-4 day work weeks, 10K, 20k, 30k months— feeling creatively fulfilled.


Find consistency and achieve your BIG goals with support from NBR coaches.


Offer a hair extension method that always provides stunning results + sells itself.


Perfect how to market NBR for consistent inquiries, bookings, and rave reviews.


A smooth rinse and repeat business management system to save time and run your biz like a pro!

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The 2-Day NBR Certification Intensive is required to apply for The Academy. Learn the foundation, meet the team, and get certified so you can start earning right away!

no. 02


Once you're certified, you'll be invited to continue with The Academy. We do this to ensure you love what we're dishing and you feel 100% jazzed about joining The Academy for 6-figure growth.

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Once you're in The Academy things can take off fast! It's exciting! Every detail for mastering the NBR technique and 6-figure business framework is at your fingertips!

Testimonials Video

But, don't just take our word for it, listen to our Academy students RESULTS!

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Success Stories

Bridia doubled her income in 6 months

“I thought, what the f**k am I doing. I told myself I was going to shape up!”

The first 6 months, felt I wasn't really applying myself. But there was a point where I thought, what the fuck am I doing. I told myself I was going to shape up. 6 months since that point, I have doubled my income. I switched salons and work in a much nicer salon. I have the confidence and financial stability to do that. It has been so life-changing. 

Britta is building a thriving salon at 22

“I didn't work at all this week and I made as much as I would have doing 7 clients!”

NBR has been instrumental in my ability to grow a successful salon and support my stylists. I owe so much of my success to the coaching and foundational work I laid a year ago with The Academy. My systems are smarter, and I now operate out a mindset of abundance, instead of scarcity. 

Grace Achieved her goals at lightening speed

“So much more impactful than cosmetology school. The BMS portion blew my mind!”

I told myself that within 5 years time of completing the program, I wanted to be extension exclusive. Not only did I complete the program in 7 months, I went extension exclusive 10 months after graduating. The academy and the team of coaches will give you all the tools you need. It's on YOU to make it happen.


✓ Transparent pricing, money back guarantee. 

✓ No hidden costs, confusing class stacking, schedule juggling, or waiting for the next class to move forward.

✓ A fluid and refined learning experience. Clear and beautifully shot video trainings, clear assignments and 1:1 feedback to master your technique, plus sage advice to avoid common extensions mistakes.

✓ The only business training method specific to extensions artists PROVEN to help you scale your business to 6 figures.

✓ NBR is THE ORIGINAL hand-tied beaded row method. Our 10+ year experience in teaching and refining the natural beaded rows method is second to none.  

✓ 12 months of personalized feedback and coaching from inspiring NBR licensed 6 figure artist/educators who have gone through the NBR program just like you.


First, we understand you have options and joining NBR Academy is an investment. We encourage you to do your research into the pricing/value of other programs and their body of proven success. When you join the Academy we want you to feel excited and confident in your investment, that's why we require a consultation, to make sure it's a right fit for you at this time.

NBR Academy Pricing

Online NBR Academy Courses ($7,500 value)

1:1 Technique Feedback Sessions ($6,500 value)

1:1 Business + Marketing Coaching Calls ($6,500 value)

2-Day In-Person Intensive ($5,000 value)

12 months of personalized training in NBR technique paired with The BMS 6 Figure Stylist Framework, totally customizable to your schedule.  

TOTAL VALUE: $25,500

for $15,000

"Do you offer payment plans?" Yes! We'll cover multiple payment plan and financing options during your consultation.


money back guarantee

“Without a doubt, go for it. It's the best thing I did for myself, ever!”

You won't regret it! You will find hapiness and achieve goals that you never even knew you had. This program will help you in every aspect of your life. Don't hesitate, just do it! 

Current academy student

I've been where you are, and trust me there's a better way.

7 years ago I was NOT a happy stylist.
I was drained and experiencing the stress tax in all areas of my life. Till I found NBR and everything changed.

7 years ago I was NOT a happy stylist. I was drained and experiencing the stress tax in all areas of my life. Till I found NBR and everything changed.

Long story short, I found NBR and it changed my life. I brought all my stylist friends over and we've never looked back. The NBR method and the results it delivers every time for every client is just undeniable. It's almost impossible not to find wild success. The way is literally paved for you. I was so impressed with the way NBR changes both stylists and client lives alike, I jumped at the chance to become the education director. I want you to know I see you, I get you, and I'm here to show you a method for changing your career I KNOW works.

Katie Guthrie

director of nbr education

You're in the right place!


Average income of a licensed nbr artist

12 - 15

Average days/ mo a 6 figure artist works


NBR artists we've helped hit 6+ figures


increase in ideal and loyal clients

By the end of the academy you will...

Choose your clients! The days of kids and men's haircuts, and energy sucking vampire clients are GONE my friend.

Increase your average booking per client– $1500 to $3000+ a day will become your new normal.

Have a smooth rinse + repeat marketing formula down for attracting, consulting and easily booking ideal clients!

Have a whip smart business foundation in place. All the tech and know how to manage your 6 figure business process, done!

FREEDOM. Own your time and schedule! No more missing out on happy hours with friends or your kids events.

Consistently turn out stunning extensions results that have your clients raving and referring like crazy.


About the team

Who's teaching this thing? Your educators are all stylist who've been where you are and walked the path to becoming 6 and 7 figure Licensed NBR Artists. You are in great hands my friend.

the team ▸

Meet the team • meet the team •


When is enrollment for the academy open?

Enrollment is open quarterly to sync up with our NBR Certification Intensives. Certification is a required step before being invited into The Academy. When you attend your NBR Certification Intensive you'll receive an invitation along with all the details for joining The Academy. 

I'm really busy. How much time do I need to invest each week?

We hear you! We're balancing work and family over here too. The Academy learning structure is designed to be customizable to your lifestyle. That being said we typically suggest planning for 2-3 hours a week outside of doing NBR client work. On your call we can dive deeper. While the Academy is designed to be completed in 12 months, we have had numerous students complete in less than that time, with our fastest student clocking 7 months! 

what payment plans or discounts do you offer?

We offer a few different payment plan options, from short term to longer term payment plans. We also work with a company that will get you financed up to $15k regardless of your financial situation or credit score. We also offer some secret discounts (now that you asked). The best way to learn about our payment options and current promotions is to apply + book a consult (or join our email list). 

Can I talk to a real person? I have several questions.

Yes! We actually REQUIRE a consult to make sure The Academy is a right fit for you before you sign up. On the call we'll walk you through each facet of the program and answer all your questions. Simply fill out the application and we'll be in touch shortly to set up your consultation. *You must be a certified NBR artist to apply.

NBR Academy Pricing

Online NBR Academy Courses ($7,500 value)

1:1 Technique Feedback Sessions ($6,500 value)

1:1 Business + Marketing Coaching Calls ($6,500 value)

2-Day In-Person Intensive ($5,000 value)

12 months of personalized training in NBR technique paired with The BMS 6 Figure Stylist Framework, totally customizable to your schedule.  

TOTAL VALUE: $25,500

for $15,000

"Do you offer payment plans?" Yes! We'll cover multiple payment plan and financing options during your consultation.


money back guarantee

WE're so confident in our program we're giving you a...

6-Figure promise

For this guarantee to be upheld, you must have completed and submitted all program requirements in their respective orders in a single and unbroken 12 month timeframe.


money back guarantee

We understand that making such a big leap can be scary, but with hundreds of stylists who have completed the Academy and transformed their lives, we know that this can work for you, too. That's why we've been putting our money where our mouth is since 2020. Give us (and more importantly, yourself) 12 months inside the Academy and we GUARANTEE you'll be on track to make at least $100,000 a year as a Licensed NBR® Artist!

A proven 6 figure roadmap to follow

12 months of feedback + coaching

In person Intensive ticket


This program includes everything you need to build the life you want. 

Time can pass quickly, all of a sudden it's spring again and you feel like nothing has changed. You're still dreaming about changing your life. That nicer house. That time off to travel. 3 day work weeks. Waking up HAPPY to greet the day. Whatever's on your list, don't wait. Take that next step. Go after what you want!

where will you be a year from now?