Discover the Only One-on-One NBR Training Endorsed by Natural Beaded Rows Education


Discover the Only One-on-One NBR Training Endorsed by Natural Beaded Rows Education

In a world of dupes and spin-offs,

there’s an overwhelming number of options for hair extension education that will leave you looking for the real deal.

look no further…

Here at NBR Education, we pride ourselves in being the first beaded row hair extension method to use hand-tied hair exclusively! But we believe that being the first isn’t good enough – It’s our dedication to providing the highest quality education that sets us apart. 

Our commitment lies in delivering education that is not only comprehensive but also empowering you to be the best artist you can be.

The Mentors selected to offer NBR Shadowing are the industry's leading experts, representing the gold standard of NBR.

When you shadow one of these Mentors, you're not just learning; you're getting a glimpse into your future possibilities!
Experiences Crafted With You In Mind

NBR Shadowing caters to currenT aCADEMY sTUDENTS & gRADUATES, ALONG WITH returning Students. 

eVERY SHADOWING EXPERIENCE is a tailored based on where you are currently in your practice.

Wondering What You Can Expect?
Here's What Awaits You!

Your journey begins when you first apply! This questionnaire shapes your journey, allowing your mentor to create a strategic outline based on your unique needs. Your personalized experience means your day may look a bit different from others, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goal. This is about tailoring the experience to meet you where you’re at.

Returning to NBR Education?
Receive access to the NBR online course and ISLA hair upon registration, enabling you to practice before your date!

Already in the NBR Academy?
Continue your lessons and assignments, incorporating feedback from your coaches in preparation for your shadowing day!

Licensed NBR Artist?
You can submit NBR work for feedback or sign up for business-focused coaching calls at any time, but there is no required work leading up to your shadowing date!


Kick off your day by discussing your goals one-on-one with your mentor. Dive into the hands-on experience when the client arrives.


No more passive learning—this is a hands-on experience! Actively engage in discussions, explore techniques, and participate alongside your mentor’s team.


You’ll be an active participant throughout the entire process, whether shadowing your mentor, absorbing their expertise through observation, or jumping into hands-on work.


As a part of your shadowing, you will dive into the intricacies of photographing your work, perfect how to pose your clients, master lighting, and address your burning questions.


This isn’t a rush – we’re dedicated to taking our time with you, ensuring every moment is well-spent. You will learn skills for selecting the right photo and how to touch them up without compromising the integrity of your work.


Walk away from this day with your questions answered, confidence enhanced, and ready to take the next step in your career!

What's Included in NBR Shadowing?

  • 1-Day Shadowing Experience (8am - 5pm)

    Observe and participate in an NBR appointment from start to finish, including real-life photography skills and best practices. Lunch included.

  • Marketing Materials

    Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to capture marketing content through your experience by showcasing your shadowing experience throughout the day and walk away with a content package showcasing your dedication to education and marking your achievements with your mentor.

  • Lifetime Access to the NBR Online Course + ISLA Hair & Tools

Priced at $4,000

This opportunity is only available to those who have completed a 2-day NBR Intensive.

Get Ready To See Results

client success stories straight from the source

With NBR Shadowing, we don't just offer training; we provide a transformative experience that equips you with the skills and confidence to excel in the world of hair extensions.

Elevate your expertise with NBR Shadowing – because you deserve nothing but the best.
Earnings/Income Disclaimer:
We don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs.
We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others, and that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs, and strategies.
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