Does your hair-styling business fill your heart AND your bank account?

It's Time To Create The Life You've Always Wanted & The Life You Deserve.
Just like Charlene from Florida did...

"My numbers have doubled, and not only that, but I am working less, and I have the clientele that I want in my chair.
I remember thinking there’s just no way that’s going to be me, and now almost a year and a half later, I can’t believe this is me!"

Join a Tribe of Artists Re-defining What it Means to be "Just a hairstylist!"

"NBR® Education is different than anything I've ever seen before, even 100% different from cosmetology school, which was just as long! It's thorough and in-depth, but most importantly, it provides a tribe of other hairstylists around me who understand what I go through on a daily basis, so I don't feel alone. It is meticulous, and I know it's the best of the best."
-Beth, TX

We've heard it over a thousand times...

hairstylists feeling trapped inside their own business.

Having all their time and energy suffocated by the demands of being fully booked.

Peeling themselves out of bed every morning and dreading the marathon of clients who only pay $50-$150 per appointment.

Maybe you can relate?

You went into cosmetology school with hopes and dreams.
You would spend the entire day creating your art, and setting your soul ablaze.

In time you knew, YOU WOULD BE THE BOSS!

You'd make your own hours and only work when YOU want to!
No one telling you what to do; you'd make your own rules!

And all of that joy, love, and passion you had would translate into stunning hair and a fat bank account.

Yet here you are.

You spend all day doing art, but it isn't fulfilling. It's no longer feeding your soul!

We've been there.

The good news is it doesn't have to be like that.

There's a new and better way to escape the overwhelm and
have the career of your dreams and the life you deserve

But first, let us introduce ourselves...

After all, when it comes to education, you have many options to choose from, and with all of the hand tied beaded sewn in invisible methods on the market how do you know which one is for you?


After years of testing every extension method on her-own hair, in 2010, Danielle K. White created Natural Beaded Rows® hair extensions. How do you know what it's like if you don't wear it? Am I right?

Using only three materials (beads, string, and wefts of ISLA® hair) to install, NBR® Extensions are supported by an intricate foundation mastered through the training found inside DKW® Styling Academy.

Not only does the method feel natural to the wearer, but it also enables them to continue with all the activities they love, from surfing and saunas to things as simple as washing their hair like it's "their hair."

Think of it this way, NBR® Extensions don't stop you from living your life; they help you look and feel more fabulous while doing so!

Once Danielle saw the impact NBR® Extensions had on her clients, she knew that wasn't enough.

She realized the impact it could have on other stylists, and it became her mission to empower stylists across the globe in a movement of change for the hair industry.


As Danielle began teaching other stylists the art of NBR® Extensions, she soon realized teaching the method was not enough.

Although artists gave their clients incredible hair transformations, they still lacked the critical foundations to run a successful business behind the chair - you know, the things no cosmetology school teaches you.

Because it wasn't enough to "just do pretty hair," Danielle enlisted the help of her husband Garrett and, in 2017, launched the first business training for stylists specializing in NBR® Extensions, known as Big Money Stylist® or BMS®.

Not only is BMS® specialized training for NBR® artists, but it delivers the specific business procedures, mindsets, strategic marketing tactics, and sales skills critical to operating a business that supports growth opportunities for your business and your life!

FUN FACT: Although we now refer to all of our business training as BMS®, Big Money Stylist® is still the name of our podcast!


Going hand-in-hand with the method of NBR® is the beauty and excellence of the ISLA® collection of hair and tools.

ISLA® was crafted to be the perfect fit for NBR® Extensions with various colors, lengths, textures, and tools intended to make life easier behind the chair.

Not only do artists love that almost every ISLA® color of ISLA® is pre-rooted, but the color longevity always fades on tone, meaning minimal work on the wefts is required at the first installation and the refresh appointments.

Since ISLA® was first created, we have kept it exclusive for our artists, ensuring they always have top-quality hair and tools available for the ultimate result!

Remember, the quality of hair you choose represents 50% of the system you use.


Through Danielle's commitment to breaking the traditional "hairstylist" mold and transforming the way a stylist thinks and operates in both their business and personal life, DKW® Styling Academy was born.

Because of this, it is our mission to give every stylist the opportunity to turn their license into a life.

Not only do we invest in you at the highest standards of excellence, you'll learn and master the art and science of NBR® and BMS® and build unstoppable confidence in your craft.

But within The Academy is a tribe of hundreds of artists who have embarked on the same journey; they are making the money you want and have all the time, space, and freedom you desire.

The Academy doesn't just teach stylists how to be elite at NBR® Extension but guides you in transforming your life both in front of and behind the chair.
Realistically you can go from working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week...

To Working Passionately Just a Few Hours A Day, 3 or 4 Days a Week,
WITHOUT Ever Having to Work Another Weekend!

While having a stable and predictable calendar and cash flow,
leaving you with only one question: How will you enjoy all that free time?!
Because we KNOW our targeting training will change your life,
we stand behind that with a tuition-back guarantee.

Are you ready to take your life and career to the next level

We know the Academy will work for you because we've seen it happen time and time again with stylists who started exactly where you currently are.

Which begs the question,

what else do we know to be true for most stylists?

Well, for starters, not only can you love your job and your clients (or at least most of them), but you can also want more, and you probably relate to one or more of these issues below regularly.
  • Your clients are late, bossy, and unappreciative.
    You don't even really WANT to do their hair, but you're too scared to let them go.

  • "Days off" are a joke.
    You don't get days off because being "on-call" is what this industry has taught you.

  • Not only do you have a boss, but you have dozens, even HUNDREDS.
    As your clients demand more and more from you, they become the many bosses of your life.

  • Your family is suffering.
    They never see you. You're always working or on your phone responding to clients.

  • You are suffering.
    Your anxiety and depression are becoming stronger and stronger every day.

  • You aren't making good money.
    Not enough to justify the time you put in or even a fraction of your stress.


Too many hair courses neglect to talk about modern business and how to make money doing your art.

Additionally, maybe you are one of the many Artists that didn't get ANY business education in beauty school, leaving you rating your business success based on how you feel that day instead of actual numbers.
The good news is,
the road has already been paved for you.

Leverage The Systems, Strategies, Tools, And Techniques Proven To Work By Hundreds Of Successful Artists.

When you join DKW® Styling Academy, you'll be guided step-by-step to work smarter (not harder) and less while making more money!

Once you begin the training inside the Academy,
how you do business will completely change; in less than 12 months, your life could be completely different.

The Academy is the path for you to no longer need to support your business as a workaholic running on fumes.

No more missing out on happy hours with your friends or missing your children's events. Imagine your next vacation, stress-free and not tied to your phone!

No More Bending Over Backwards To Cater To Your Client's Schedule & Ridiculous Demands.

Instead, they will value you, your time, and your expertise. Plus, we will show you how to set up a scheduling system that puts you in charge - not your clients.

Your Business Will Be The Both the Support, and the Driving Force, Behind You Living the Life You Want On Your Terms!
You will learn how to leverage proven strategies that get your ideal clients in your chair, at a higher price point and only require you being in the salon just a few days a week.

You will no longer have to do mens cuts, kids cuts - or anything else outside of your passion & expertise!

We'll help you choose a niche and show you the exact steps you should take to become the go-to expert in your area with a waiting list of clients who fit the description of who you want to work with as an Artist.

No more energy vampires who sit in your chair and drain the life out of you

Using our application process, you'll sift through applications and pick the clients you want to work with, you know, those who fill your cup and make the time you spend behind the chair enjoyable!​

Collecting thousands of dollars in a day will become normal to you.

Mastering the technique of NBR® Extensions and the mindsets of BMS® will open the door for you to start charging $1,500 - $2,500+ for a single appointment, and when you're charging $1,500 for a single appointment, You only need 16 appointments per month (just four per week) to bring in $25k!

DKW® Styling Academy is not your typical hairstylist Education... we do things differently

our focus is one thing

Making Sure You Get RESULTS by Helping You
EXCEL At Your Craft and Significantly Increase Your Profitability.

From the NBR® Extension method to the business mindsets, marketing, and sales tactics, the Academy covers everything!

We'll show you how to simplify your numbers so you can be in control of your business, we break down the streamlined process for creating high-quality leads through social media, and provide personalized feedback to help you grow both in front of the chair and behind, plus so much more.

If there was a "secret sauce" to why the Academy works, It would be the personalized feedback from an nBR® coach.

Having trained thousands of artists, we know exactly what things you will mess up (yes, we can explain why your beads are suddenly doing "that weird thing"), and with personalized feedback you receive on each practical assignment you turn in, you know you are making the proper adjustments to continue to practice the NBR® Extension method correctly.


Isolation is never the answer to getting “unstuck” and leveling up.
Trying to “figure it out as you go” may work up to a certain point, but eventually... you'll hit a dead end in your business.

It becomes apparent that the person you were, with the skill sets and mindsets you had that led you to the place you’re at, can’t be the same skill sets and mindsets to get you out.
It's time to make a decision. It's time to step away from fear and that voice telling you that life will never change.

It's time to turn your license into a life!

DKW® Styling Academy Is Here To Guide You, Support You,
And Even Kick You In The Butt A Little When You Need It.
Combining the tools of NBR® & BMS® with the support and guidance of the team at NBR® education, the Academy is the path to having your dream life while producing a 6-figure income.

It doesn't matter if you are a salon owner, renter, suite owner or commission Artist, DKW® Styling Academy is built for and will benefit you.

how to Create The Lifestyle You Want, With Clients You Love, and The Income You Deserve, GUARANTEED.


Your Tuition Includes

  • Online training videos, quizzes and feedback based assignments broken down into 4 Phases.

  • Personalized feedback on your work inside each online phase AND at your in-person Intensives.

  • Full Access to the entire ISLA® collection. PLUS start your training off right with a FREE NBR® Tool Kit & Practice Hair.

  • TWO In-Person 2-Day "Academy Intensives" located at our headquarters here in Dana Point, CA.

  • 1:1 coaching calls with an NBR® Coach.

  • Invitations to attend Academy Convention PLUS – ONE complimentary ticket for your first time!

  • Be found and featured as a Licensed NBR® Artist on our NBR® Directory upon graduating. 

  • Once you are Licensed you have the opportunity to join the NBR® Affiliate program which also include ISLA® Rewards


Total Value of $72,950

Right Here, Right Now, You Get it All...

For only $15,000

Empowering results by helping you excel at your craft and significantly increase your profitability.

Because what got you here wont get you there.
Don't take our word for it...

Hear what other artists are saying
about the Academy!

most frequently answered questions

The DKW® Styling Academy Program Guarantees that by the time you graduate and become a Licensed NBR® Artist, you will be producing a 6-figure annualized revenue run rate*.

For this guarantee to be upheld, you must have completed and submitted all program requirements in their respective orders in a single and unbroken 12-month timeframe.

If you complete the required program curriculum within 12 months and are not at a 6-figure annualized revenue run rate*, you will receive a full refund of your tuition costs while keeping access to the program.

*Annualized Revenue Run Rate is be calculated based on my final month before graduating.

The NBR® Directory is where we send all inquiries looking for a recommended NBR® Artist so although no you will not be placed on the map when you join the Academy, you will upon graduating the program.

The NBR® Extension method and all of the lessons inside the Academy is so special to us that we do not offer refunds or transfers.

We are here to support you

If you have any questions that were not answered please reach out!

Earnings/Income Disclaimer:
We don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs.
We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others, and that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs, and strategies.
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