Join the NBR 💸 Referral Program

truly passive income

Upon joining our Mastermind you'll automatically qualify for our refer and earn affiliate program. Up to $1,500 per referral with additional bonus gifts when you hit certain referral milestones! Affiliate status is only for Mastermind members.

How it Works


 ✍️ Simply enroll in the Mastermind Program & activate your affiliate perks within your portal


🙌  Start earning. Intensives & Academy = Give 10%, earn 10%. You will automatically receive credit if your Intensive referral also signs up for The Academy.


💰 Payment cash out happens at the end of each month and deposited into your account on file.


🎁 Once you've referred 5 people, you'll start unlocking bonus perks. See below.

Much like when a current client refers a new guest to sit in your chair, your referrals are the cream of the crop. In light of this impact, we proudly introduce the NBR® Affiliate Program exclusively to Licensed NBR Artists within the Mastermind Program.

BIG Bonus Perks!

To sweeten the deal and celebrate you for spreading the NBR love, we've created some pretty amazing bonus perks you'll unlock after your 5th referral.

+  Refer 10 People

How we celebrate you:

NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit. Sculpt, smooth, lift in minutes. One of our favorite beauty devices!

+  Refer 5 People

How we celebrate you:

Moon Juice Trinity Stack. Positive mood enhancement, healthy energy, and sleep support. Ta-da!

+  Refer 15 People

How we celebrate you:

Higher Dose PEMF Mat! We swear by this mat for relaxation and healing on a cellular level. Ommm.

+  Refer 25 People

How we celebrate you:

The legendary LYMA laser. Improve elasticity, banish hyperpigmentation and breakouts. Um, yes please!

Talking about things we love comes naturally, and that’s one of the key factors behind the immense success of our marketing for NBR. The impact of your influence is evident from the responses we receive in the “How did you hear about us?” section of our application. It’s heartwarming to read answers like “My friend is a part of the Academy,” “My boss is a Licensed Artist,” and “I follow (name) on IG,” underscoring the power of word-of-mouth referrals.

As a Licensed Artist, you not only represent the NBR® brand but also enthusiastically share your passion. From that natural passion and stunning work you're doing, we recognize that you are our most powerful and valuable marketing tool. And we want to give you the credit and gratitude you deserve, in cash!

How we Support You:


The Affiliate Guide

We've created a NBR promotional guide for you with ways you can refer and promote your affiliate code in a relaxed style that feels like sharing and helping others using your social accounts and email.


Swipe Copy

We know your natural enthusiasm is best, but we've created tasteful swipe copy you can totally customize to make your own if you need a little inspo for social posts, texts, and emails.


Social Templates

We've created modern stylish Instagram posts and stories for you to easily customize using CANVA.


What's Not Included

Discounts can not be combined with other offers. Shadowing and Mastermind programs are not eligible for affiliate income in the referral program.