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Discover the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship with ISLA Hair, offering professional stylists premium tools and hand-tied hair extensions. Our superior hand-tied hairline features over 18 different blends, three alluring textures, and three versatile lengths, ranging from 18 to 24 inches, to achieve the perfect look for your clients.


We take pride in our beautiful color blends and vibrant, long-lasting shades. Our hand-tied hair packs more grams per weft than any other competitor, giving your clients voluminous and luscious locks. Crafted from 100% Remy hair and minimal silicone, our extensions deliver a naturally stunning and luxurious appearance.


Within each transformation, we believe that the quality of hair forms the foundation of a truly exceptional hair extension experience. Elevate your artistry and deliver unparalleled results with ISLA Hair, where luxury and craftsmanship unite to create extraordinary transformations, allowing your clients to embrace their true beauty effortlessly.

At ISLA Hair, we take pride in being a premium brand that caters exclusively to exceptional hair stylists who have mastered the art of NBR hair extensions. Our commitment is to provide our products only to those stylists who are dedicated to delivering excellence in their craft.

Learn about our application process:

In order to maintain the standards and quality we aim for, it is necessary for you to complete an application and obtain approval to shop at ISLA Hair. Our team thoroughly evaluates each application to ensure that we maintain the desired level of excellence.

Qualified individuals for ISLA Hair include licensed and certified hair industry professionals with a strong commitment to exceptional quality, continuous learning, skill enhancement, and staying on top of the latest trends and techniques.


ISLA Hair, brought to you by the creator of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions, honors the influence and skill of the stylist above all else. We offer top-notch hair products and tools that enable you to manifest your artistic vision effortlessly, allowing your heartfelt creativity to shine through as you transform your clients’ hair.



ISLA Hair is renowned for its incredible transformations and unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethics. ISLA embodies a culture of action and philanthropy, striving to create a more beautiful world.

Central to our core values is ethically and sustainably sourced hair, ensuring no exploitation, theft, or coercion. Partner factories adhere to a supplier code of conduct and participate in the UN Global Compact of Human Rights.

ISLA proudly carries the Fair Trade Certification and supports Educate Girls, empowering girls in rural India with education. By giving back to sourcing communities, ISLA makes a positive impact, and by being a part of our community, you are helping give back too.

With a commitment to quality and integrity, ISLA Hair provides hairstylists and artists with exceptional experiences and reliable hair extensions. It’s more than just a brand; it embodies sustainability, philanthropy, and uncompromising quality.


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We believe that 50% of the system of hair extensions you offer is represented by the quality of hair paired with it

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