Your Guide To Appointment Flow

Offering Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions is the most satisfying service to offer clients. However…

Sometimes it  can feel like a lot of pressure, thinking through coloring their natural hair, coloring ISLA hair, matching tones, anticipating fade, getting content, carrying on a conversation, eating lunch…

In this blog post we are spilling the tea on how to set your appointment up for success, whether you have an assistant to help or not your appointment flow is key to an amazing transformation and client experience.

So where do you start?!

This depends on the client’s current hair and their desired outcome.

Do you know their natural hair is a big project or even a corrective color?

Start there.

If their natural hair requires minimal color and you’re spending more time on the wefts?

Then explain you will begin by tailoring the wefts and will begin coloring their natural hair while the wefts process.

Remember, you are the professional here, just work step by step.

In this transformation, her natural hair required some corrective color; she had previously been coloring at home, lifting globally with a level 9 as you can see there is a solid line of demarcation that needed to be blurred.

She also had excess warmth and banding throughout, so another goal was to even out her color and add dimension to create an overall cooler tone.

Challenge Accepted!

The darkness in zone one was lightened with a powder lightener and 7 volume, utilizing baby lights; as the highlights were processed, the artist then went between the foils and added lowlights using 7.01 in richesse to cool down unwanted warmth.

Pro tip starting with a low developer with lightener allows for enough time to apply and process lowlights without them going to dark or muddy.


While she processed, we tackled her ISLA wefts.

We knew because we were battling warmth in her natural hair, we could expect her to fade warm when she returned in 6 weeks, so to mirror that with her extensions, we were strategic in weft choices, we could have chosen wefts that matched perfectly after her color process and probably could have done zero coloring, Yes the ISLA color choices are that beautiful!

It would have been gorgeous that day, But when she returned in six weeks, her extensions would have stayed cool, and her natural hair would be warm, leaving a visible disconnection and an obvious sign she was wearing extensions.

So to counteract that we chose mostly WARM wefts, which include 10/8WBL, 9/7 WBL, 10N, and the coolest of them all and our one weft used to connect depth was  8N

The lighter, warmer wefts were then toned cooler to mimic natural hair, this way over the course of six weeks, she will have a consistent tone throughout her natural hair along with her extensions.

People choose NBR for all different reasons, but the reality is, that seeing this new version of themselves emits feelings of confidence, happiness, strength, and even power; how lucky are we as Artists who get to deliver life-altering change for someone in a single appointment? 

It’s simply the BEST!

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Danielle K. White

Danielle has been in the hair industry for many years and has always been passionate about finding the best methods for extensions, especially for clients with fine, thin hair. Through trial and error, she developed the Natural Beaded Rows® (NBR®) Method which has proven to be effective for a wide range of clients.

In addition to finding a solution for her clients, Danielle also had a desire to help other hairstylists break the mold and achieve success in their careers. She began offering shadowing opportunities to learn the NBR® Method in her salon and as demand grew, she created the Business, Marketing, and Sales (BMS®) education to provide a comprehensive path for hairstylists to turn their license into a successful business.

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