Unpopular Opinion: Leaving Highlights Raw

In a world with an array of amazing lightening products, artists are pushing boundaries, confident in their ability to achieve stunning results without compromising hair health. 

And guess what? When done right, it’s pure magic! 😉

Let’s take a sneak peek into an ISLA® Transformation that will make you see blonde hair in a whole new light.

Krystal from DKW Styling Salon, decided to take a unique approach with this transformation. 

Her canvas was a gorgeous babe with a natural level 8 hair color, and Krystal’s goal was to amplify that natural beauty.

To achieve this, Krystal worked her artistry by strategically placing foils to create a seamless transition from the fringe to the nape. 

The result? 

A mesmerizing play of color that made those raw highlights pop against the backdrop of the natural shade. 

It’s all about that brightness and boldness, and this transformation nailed it!

But the color journey didn’t stop there. Krystal’s genius continued to shine as she smudged zone 1 with 7N in Shades EQ. The result was a seamless transition that looks effortlessly chic

Now, for the magic moment – introducing ISLA hair

With 2 rows of Natural Beaded Rows Hair extensions, Krystal took this transformation to a whole new level.

She worked her magic to mirror the natural ribbons and the brilliance of those raw highlights with her choice of wefts. 

With shades like 10N, 10/8WBL, 9WBL, and 9/7WBL, Krystal crafted a symphony of color that would make any sunny goddess proud.

And here’s the twist that’s turning tradition on its head: Krystal is a proud advocate of the “no tone, tone” 🤣 

Yes, she embraced the raw beauty of those wefts, leaving them untouched except for a custom root shadow. 

It’s all about capturing the essence of natural beauty, embracing individuality, and letting those raw highlights shine as bright as the sun. 

As you can see, this transformation isn’t just about hair – it’s about confidence, individuality, and artistry that celebrates the uniqueness of each person.

Try using ISLA raw and see the gorgeous results for yourself!

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Krystal Coit

Krystal Coit started her NBR® Journey at BMS Con 1 and as a student of the program, is one of the brand’s largest advocates.

Krystal is an NBR® Educator, DKW® Styling Salon’s manager, and the ISLA® brand manager. As mother hen to the Salon and NBR® Education Teams, she is a natural leader and empowers every team member to be their best.

Her training and mentoring have helped many stylists succeed in their careers, and her leadership skills have helped to make DKW® Styling Salon and the ISLA® brand successful.

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