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Join NBR Trainer, Kiki Tobar, to learn how to elevate your branding and marketing game. Whether you’re just starting your journey or already making waves in the industry, these simple steps will take you from ordinary to extraordinary!

Cultivate a Captivating Following

Picture this: a sense of community so powerful that it feels like pure magic. That’s what we’re aiming for—creating a cult-like following. 

Now, don’t be triggered by the word “cult.” It simply means building a tight-knit community that adores your brand. Think of iconic brands like Taylor Swift and Apple—they’ve mastered this art! 

What drew you to NBR®? Was it the unique experience, the sense of belonging? That’s the key! 

Diversify your client experience and offer something no one else does. 

Embrace your niche and let it shine like a precious gem.

Define Your Brand Voice

In the world of billion-dollar companies, brand voice is an art form. It’s time for you to step into that role.

What are three words that define your brand? Bold? Friendly? Aspirational?

Your brand voice should evoke specific emotions in your clients, just like their favorite clothing store does.

Utilize consistent emojis and language across your marketing channels to amplify your brand identity.

Invest in a copywriter who understands your brand and can craft emails, blogs, and social media posts that perfectly capture your essence, or write the copy yourself if you feel inclined!

Master the Art of Storytelling

Every brand has a story, and it’s time to share yours!

From humble beginnings to present-day achievements, your journey is part of your brand’s allure.

Write down your story and highlight pivotal moments that shaped you.

Share these with your audience through Q&A sessions, email campaigns, and social media stories.

Authenticity is the key to connecting with your clients on a deeper level. Show them the real you, and they’ll become loyal fans.

Embrace Your Role as a Strategically Seductive Marketer

You’re not just an artist; you’re a marketer with the power to seduce clients with your brand’s uniqueness.

Embrace daily documentation on your social media channels—share the quirky and the extraordinary.

Building connections with your audience will strengthen your brand’s presence.

Embrace the journey, embrace the transformation, and let your brand shine brighter than ever before!

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Kiki Tobar

NBR® Educator Kiki Tobar is the owner of a high-end salon in West Hollywood, CA, named after her daughter, Kashmir.

Her focus is on creating classic, natural-looking hair that stands out as the most beautiful her clients have ever had.

Kiki has extensive experience in education, including working on the TIGI Education Team.

Before opening her salon, Kiki was based in Utah and struggled to make a new life for her family. She found NBR® and built her business in a commission salon, working hard to afford fertility treatments.

After four years of trying, she became pregnant with a baby girl naturally and, in 2020, was blessed with her miracle baby Kashmir.

She found her dream salon space in West Hollywood and completed the renovation the same month as her due date! 

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