Wefts: 1″ Mirco Root


Creating the perfect Root Blend for your client is crucial for a seamless blend and allows them to wear their hair in any style while their extensions maintain undetectable. 

You’ll learn all the tips and tricks in creating the most blendy  1” Micro Root on ISLA® Wefts.

This Technique can be used for:

  • Platinum Clients / ISLA®  10P

  • Blonde Clients

  • Fashion Colors

  • Mini / 3rd Row 

  • Short Layers 

Here, Coach Krystal goes over a 1” Micro MICRO root for ISLA® hair.  We recommend you play this video WHILE you practice doing these techniques. 

The first step in Color is always setting up your Tools and product for the most successful end result. 

Weft Coloring Set-Up: 

  • A Comb

  • Foil

  • A Dry Color Brush

  • A Color Brush

  • An ISLA® Brush

  • Color Formula (We used Dia Richesse 8N)

Place product at ½” right under the seam of the weft to start. You will then use the Dry Brush to blend it down to 1”.  NEVER start putting the color at 1” because then you will not have room to blend. 

If you see a harsh line when it is processing, then you will get a harsh line as a result. So take the extra time and care to continue blending and melting the color. 

Always make sure that you are getting full saturation on both sides of the weft. Otherwise, you will get patchy work or stripes at the root of the weft. 

A great tip for staying organized when rooting multiple wefts is to write the time you finish coloring on the foil. That way, you know the exact processing time!

For example, you could write “9:18 am & Artist Name.” This will reduce any confusion for you and your assistant during an appointment!

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