Weft Selection


ISLA® is the perfect partner in the NBR® world, and inside NBR® 100, you’ll get to know the entire ISLA® Collection.

Now, what should you know about the ISLA® Hand-Tied Collection? Well, first of all, ISLA® Hand-Tied Hair is double-drawn, meaning it is the same length, so you get thick full hair from roots to end and blends beautifully with any hairstyle, cut, or length! 

The ISLA® Collection comes in 3 different lengths and textures:

  • 18”, 22”, and 24”

  • Straight, Beach Wave, and Deep Wave

We’ll talk more about ISLA® textures and when/how to use them in Phase 3, but in the meantime, check out this visual on the ISLA® textures & combinations!

With all ISLA® Hair, it’s important to remember that the cuticle is intact, has half the amount of silicone as other hand-tied lines, and comes in 18 beautiful colors.

Less silicone means the hair looks more natural and has a fuller appearance. No plastic Barbie hair here!

Now, what are the main differences between the Hand-Tied and Hybrid Collections?

Well, the first difference starts with how it is produced. ISLA® Hybrid Hair is Hand-Tied, but it is also machine reinforced, meaning, when cut, it will not shed

Another difference with the ISLA® Hybrid Hair is that it is single-drawn. This allows for more diffused dimension and the ability to add more dimension without adding too much weight to the row. 

Some things you should keep in mind when using ISLA® in your NBR® Transformations are:

  • Choose at least 3 different weft colors for each client. 

  • Choose the texture, or combination of textures that best match your client’s natural hair. 

  • BLONDES NEED DIMENSION. See Coach Krystal’s recommendations below for ISLA® wefts that can add that dimension.

  • Anticipate the fade! Most clients have natural warmth. Do NOT only choose cool ISLA® colors. You MUST include warmth to ensure their hair matches freshly toned AND after the toner has faded when they return in 6-8 weeks.

  • Never let your client choose their weft colors. YOU are the professional

ISLA® Hair was made for you to work smarter, not harder! Only students of NBR® Education have access to purchase, so take advantage of your exclusive access and give your clients the best of the best!

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