The Start Bead

The Start Bead

You’ve Sectioned your work, it’s clean and symmetrical, and now you are ready to begin beading the NBR® track.

Let’s begin with the String!

First things first, when you choose the length of your beading string, you want it to measure from fingertips to the opposite shoulder.

If the string is too long, it could tangle, making beading harder. 

If the string is too short, you will have to start over. 

When choosing your section shape, it will be a soft vertical Oval. 

This prevents you from having corners that cause tension and pulling. You CAN NOT have a square or rectangle shape section.

Now it’s time to get knotty!

On Base means that your KNOT is in the CENTER of the Oval section, so make sure that you tie your knot in the CENTER of your Oval shape to ensure it is On Base. 

After you’ve made the first knot, overlap 3 small ISLA® clips over the tail of the string; this holds tension on the string and keeps it from moving. 

When doing the first bead, be sure to keep your hand steady and against your client’s head. That hand should NEVER move nor pull up on the string.

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