The End Bead

The End Bead

The End Bead is the ONLY bead that is done differently on the head when doing Beadwork. 

BEFORE tightening the knot, you will over-direct the string AND the section of hair Off Base to the RIGHT.  

The knot should be placed on the RIGHT side of the section. That way, when you rotate back to flip the bead and close, it will land On Base. 

When grabbing the bead with your pliers, hold your hand PALM UP. You will then flip the bead and angle the string to sit at a 45-degree angle against the head; that is when you will close the bead. 

You do NOT want to over-direct the string to lay back against the track. This will cause the bead to also over-direct, which will become annoying to the client when the tail of the section pokes through the hair.

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