Sectioning: One Row

Sectioning: One Row

The purpose of One Row is to add thickness/fullness only.  ZERO length can be added with One Row.

When doing a One Row client, the LOWEST point you can place your sectioning in the back is the upper slope of the occipital bone. If you put it any lower in the back, the sectioning for this row will be too steep. 

The start and stop points of One Row should sit HIGH; otherwise, there will be no thickness/fullness added to their sides. It will be in a Teardrop shape that follows the head’s natural curvature.  

If a client has a long perimeter but has broken-off sides and needs them filled, that client needs Two Rows because you will add face-framing length. 

When Sectioning:

  • Use water mist and clips to keep your work clean and free of crosshairs.

  • Follow the natural curvature of the head

  • Connect TEARDROP shape at the client’s part

  • Make sure your client is looking up and facing forward when you section. Not down at their phone.

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