Sectioning: Mini & Third Row

Sectioning: Mini & Third Row

The Mini and 3rd Row are BLENDING pieces only. They are NOT for adding length to the perimeter/ ends of the hair. 

Clients may need a Mini if they have short layers in the back. If your client has short layers in the back AND around the face, they probably need a 3rd Row.

A 3rd Row is essentially an extended Mini. 

The Mini is in the back of the head with Start and Stop Points on either side of the rounds of the head. Always connecting in a TEARDROP SHAPE.

The Mini/ 3rd Row MUST sit at least 1” under the split of the hair. The 3rd Row will NEVER go as high as the Main Row.

When Sectioning:

  • Use water mist and clips to keep your work clean and free of crosshairs.

  • Follow the natural curvature of the head.

  • Connect TEARDROP shape when Sectioning. 

  • Make sure your client is looking up and facing forward when you section. Not down at their phone.

Now that you know all about sectioning, it’s time to move on to beadwork!

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