Sectioning: Main Row

Sectioning: Main Row

The purpose of the Main Row is to add length and thickness and is always paired with a Bottom Row.

The Main Row allows coverage in the face framing and extends the money piece.

The Main Row is the LARGEST and HIGHEST Row.

It is placed in a Teardrop shape that follows the natural curvature of the head. 

You MUST ensure that you avoid the Recession Zone AND the hair directly touching the Recession Zone. 

If you are in the No Zone, you have potential to not only cause damage to the client’s natural hair, but also the row may become visible. 

This placement is critical to ensuring you have enough hair in the front to blend any hair around the client’s face. Let’s face it, clients not only want length from their extensions, but with the unique placement of NBR® you’re able to give them the coverage they desire around their face. 

Your Main Row will be placed above your Bottom Row and always has the potential to have a Mini or 3rd Row above it. 

When Sectioning:

  • Use water mist and clips to keep your work clean and free of crosshairs.

  • Follow the natural curvature of the head.

  • Connect TEARDROP shape at the client’s part.

  • Make sure your client is looking up and facing forward when you section. Not down at their phone.

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