Scheduling Assignment



Overview and Purpose

These Artists have spent the entire Academy working on getting clients. Now is the time to start dialing in their schedule and ensuring they are not leading themselves to burnout. 

Work, Life balance is vital for continued success.

The Assignment

Each artist will answer these questions:

Here you are going to list out your timing for doing a full row. 

That means from sectioning all the way to FINISHED and REDONE end beads.

From there you are going to write out your schedule and what it CURRENTLY is (meaning how many clients a day & how many hours per client), and what changes must be made to your schedule. 

If you like what your schedule is and you do not want to change it, then answer how you could increase your productivity in the salon.

Pass or redo


  • All of the questions must be answered in a thorough manner


  • If they do not answer all of the questions
  • If they answer with one sentence or just one word
  • If it is apparent that no though was actually put beind the answers
    • This will vary from Artist to Artist – it is up to YOU as the trainer to decide if enough thought and effort has been put into it, OR if it’s been a half ass effort
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