NBR® Color 102


Here’s How to Complete This Lesson: Watch the below video, and review the “Key Points” underneath so you ensure you didn’t miss any key elements from this lesson before you proceed to the next step by clicking the Mark Complete Button at the top/bottom of the page.

Key Points

Reverse Dimension is typically done on brunettes, but can be done on any color!

This is perfect for clients:

  • You need to globally apply one color but you still want to keep dimension
  • ISLA has made reverse dimension something that is rarely if ever, used in the salon. But it is still a good tool to have in your pocket!
  • Formula: 4N + 5NW

Step 1: Root the row

Step 2: Weave out what you would like to keep as your lighter pieces

Step 3: Fully saturate what is left

Tools needed:

  • ISLA brush
  • Comb
  • Color brush
  • Color brush (dry application)

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