Removal Framework


REMOVAL Framework

Here you will see an outline of the FOUR Frames.

Under each Frame, there are 2-3 bullet points. 

These are to help YOU remember the main points that must be taught inside of each frame. 


  • Beginning with the top row, section off the clients hair that is sitting above the top row

  • Clip it out of the way to expose the top row

  • Keep it as clean as you can to ensure that none of the client hair is cut


  • Cut the strings attached to the FIRST bead
    • One string is from the track
    • The other string is from the stitching 

  • Continue to cut the TRACK string as you go along the row 
    • You do NOT want to cut all the stitching off at this point

  • If there is hair that is caught in the stitching either gently pull it out, or cut that ONE stitch to release the hair

  • Continue until the row is fully disconnected from the track.


  • Open all of the beads, and remove the knotted string that is left behind

  • If the bead does not open and begins to cave inward (crunch) DO NOT TRY TO CLOSE OR OPEN THE BEAD ANYMORE

    • Take a needle and gently begin to pick hair from the nubbin out, little by little, once enough hair is removed, the bead will easily slide off
    • Or use the ISLA Bead Mender GENTLY to remove the beads, do NOT close these all the way as they will break all of the hair



  • Once all of the hair and beads are removed, comb through the client's hair

  • A small amount of shedding is normal
    • On average a client sheds 100 hairs a DAY, which will also include some of the hair in the beads

Removal should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

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