Refresh Appointment

NBR® Refresh Appointment

Now it’s time to learn about the NBR® Refresh Appointment

The NBR® Refresh Appointment is made every 6-8 weeks based on the client’s texture, density, and color. 

For a client’s first Refresh Appointment, it is recommended that they come back at 6 weeks. This allows you to look at your work and see how the client is incorporating NBR® into their routine and lifestyle. 

You already did the big transformation during their New Installation Appointment. The Refresh Appointment is where you will reassess, refresh and make adjustments. 

How to Remove NBR®:

  • Cut the TRACK string to release the whole Row.  (Do NOT cut the individual stitches)
  • Using your ISLA® Openers, remove the beads from the hair.
  • Take a comb and brush out the crimps from where the hair was in the beads. This is where your client’s natural shed will release from being caught inside the bead. 
  • Brush the client’s hair and scalp with the ISLA® Brush.

After successfully removing the Row, you will treat it as a normal appointment where you do their color, toning, shampoo, and condition, then move right into doing their blow dry.  

You will also reassess the color on the Row and do any coloring, toning, and/ or deep conditioning that it may need.  

While working with the extensions, you must remove 2” of the previous stitching on both ends of the Row

This debulks the Row at the Start & End Beads so it can continue to lay flat and sleek to the head. If you feel like the Row has bunched up after wear & washing, you can gently pull on each side of the row to stretch the bunching out. 

Once you have Sectioned your guest to put their row back in, you will need to use the Row to measure your Start and Stop Points and use a small clip to indicate where they are. 

Now, you’ve learned how to complete a full NBR® Transformation! From Color to the Refresh Appointment, you know all the steps necessary to give your client the best experience.

We can’t wait to see your work in your first NBR® Assignment!


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