Red Flags

BMS Application to Contract

Red Flags

Here’s How to Complete This Lesson: Watch the below video, and review the “Key Points” underneath so you ensure you didn’t miss any key elements from this lesson before you proceed to the next step by clicking the Mark Complete Button at the top/bottom of the page.

Key Points

If the client seems nervous (more than normal), and unsure or unready

  • If the client is asking to reach out to other clients of your
  • Haggling – some may try. Stand your ground
  • The “EVERYONE has ALWAYS messed up my hair” (obviously to an extent, their hair may actually be messed up)


  • Tell them you do not believe they would be a fit at the time 
  • Tell them you are currently fully booked and will put them on a wait list
  • Tell them to think about it and reach out at a later time – if they say they are ready to pay now, tell them you are fully booked and will add them to the wait list
  • If they say they don’t care how far out they need to be booked, tell them you do not book out past X date
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