Placing ISLA®

Placing ISLA®

Although placing hair seems simple, there are a few key tips and tricks that you want to keep in mind for a seamless placement. 

We will be diving into patterning in the next topic, but first we must learn the importance of properly placing the wefts on the track

Always ensure that the SEAM of the weft is placed on the STRING of the TRACK.

Not ABOVE the track, and not BELOW it. 

 Since the wefts are being placed ON the track, you may see the top of the beads, which is OKAY.

If the hair is placed too high, bubbling will occur on the row which will be noticeable on lower-density clients. 

 If you see a weft has slipped, put the tip of a small ISLA® clip against the head and push the weft up to meet the track. If the wefts have moved above the track, you can do the same movement to push the wefts down.

Now that you’ve learned where the wefts are properly placed, we can jump into patterning with Krystal! 

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