[Phase 3 Q&A] REPLAY July, 2021



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Key Points

Below you will see the replay of this month’s Q&A.

It will only be available for replay for 30 days (until the next Q&A call).

So be sure to watch before it goes away!




We know how hard you guys are hustling and busting ass to build not only a business you love but also a LIFE you love.

That requires a lot of attention, and commitment on a day-to-day basis.

Here in the Academy, we are always looking for better ways to help you and guide you through this path!

I of all people know that you ARE going to have questions.

Sometimes those questions aren’t an emergency and can wait for the monthly Q&A, other times you can’t wait three weeks for help, or you aren’t able to move clients around to be LIVE at the Q&A.

Moving forward there will be a NEW way for you to ask all of your questions, that will replace the Monthly Q&A.

> Click HERE to fill out a form with ANY question you have, NBR, BMS, Events… anything.✨✨

> Once submitted I will be recording a video answer just for YOU!

> You will then be sent a link to view the personalized video.

If you enjoy seeing the questions that others have (it’s a GREAT way to learn), they will also be posted in the NEW Knowledge Library that will be released in the next couple of weeks!! 😍


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