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What is a Hot Seat?


As you go through and begin to change your services, your clientele, your salon, even your mentality, you are going to come across problems.

These problems will range from how to make or break partnerships, how to let go of clients, how to raise your prices, maybe even let go of someone on your staff, really anything inside your business.

Then there are the personal problems. Nothing will affect your business MORE than not handling your own emotional, mental, and home state.

A Hot Seat is designed for you to have a ONE on ONE with a Trainer. To go through the problem you are having and figure out the next steps in order to overcome it.

The Hot Seat Training will be available to attend LIVE, and watch On Demand for 30 days following the training.

While you might be nervous talking about your problems in front of the other Artists, you’ll be surprised by how many people are dealing with the SAME issue.

All it takes is ONE person to be brave enough, and bold enough to speak first.

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This Months Hot Seats

Reminder: This Hot Seat will only be up for ONE month. So be sure to watch.


1. HYBRID is SINGLE drawn vs IHT which is double drawn.

This lighter weight allows perfect use for:

  • Clients who have EXTREMELY low density and using an entire head of HT would be too heavy
    • This includes low density on their crown, and the “come to Jesus” conversations
  • Clients who need a little more hair on the sides, but adding more HT would create too much bulk Clients (ESPECIALLY BLONDES) who need DIFFUSED dimension
  • Clients with shorter hair (like me) who want NBR for movement and a LITTLE extra thickness Clients who want a “skinnier” look

2. HYBRID is a machine bonded weft.

This new seam allows perfect use for:

  • Clients who lead a very active lifestyle (especially when it comes to water sports / sweating a lot)
  • Clients who PREFER to air dry their hair (Leaving the seam wet on HT will break it down faster)
  • Cutting custom pieces for the money piece or bright pops


  • Full installations. Hybrid is meant to be ADDED in with IHT, not to be used solo.
  • Blunt cut > Length transformations.
    • If a client has a blunt cut then they will need the thickness and weight of IHT in order to be able to BLEND the clients hair to their new length.
    • Otherwise, you will end up with rows that are FAR too thick and will be uncomfortable for the client
  • OVER stacking rows.
    • While H weighs less that does not mean you can cram as much hair as you want onto someones head. There are still rules.
  • Side extensions aka Dog Ears. We don’t do that with NBR and we never will
  • Nape or “Second Mini” rows.
    • Rules are rules with NBR, and those don’t change just because the type of hair we are incorporating in changing
  • A cheap NBR option
    • Just because H costs less, does not mean we use it as a replacement for IHT
    • If we are able to create a better outcome for out clients, that our prices should actually go UP, NOT down.
    • Which includes mixing lengths and using Hybrid for length (example – if a client has 2 rows of 18″ but wants to go to 22″s, you can’t replace four wefts for Hybrid and think that will be enough. You MUST use IHT as that will give the THICKNESS that is needed.)
  • Going from Start bead To End bead with ALL the wefts.
    • This will not allow for enough hair to be on the row. I’ll talk about this more in the next section


  • A client who is recovering from cancer and only NEEDS one row but it is split into TWO to divide the weight.
    • Here two rows using ONLY Hybrid would keep the weight very light and still allow for thickness.
  • A client who doesn’t want extensions but wants to come to you for color.
    • One row featuring ONLY Hybrid would allow them to live their most normal life and still see the Artist
  • A client (like Ani) who wants more thickness in the FRONT as opposed to the back (this feels bulky and super heavy no matter how much it’s texturized)
    • An install using ONLY Hybrid allows lightness in the back and more weight on my sides


18″ Hybrid – 98″ wide = 9.8 Hand Tied Wefts

22″ Hybrid – 102″ wide = 10.2 Hand Tied Wefts

There are currently TWO main different ways that Hybrid can be used.

1. The Artist can choose to pre-cut the Hybrid into wefts the same length as IHT (10 inches).

2. Leave it as one long continuous weft and cut and measure what is needed.

Both are great options and either will lead to stunning results for the client. I’m including the document that shows the IHT rules for placing hair.


  • Maximums and minimums per row TWO wefts touching the end bead
    • Which means it can be 2 HT, or 1HT and 1H
    • If the client already has 2 HT on the end beads and the client needs a little more oomph, then the H is a great addition to put 1/8″ OFF the end bead.
  • If a student wants ONE color to go all the way from end bead to end bead (as an overlay piece), then that will be viewed as 1.5 wefts.
  • The wefts will still be placed in a SYMMETRICAL PATTERN.
    • Example Main row max is 6 wefts. That could be 5HT & 1H, 4HT & 2H, 3HT & 3H
    • Excluding the EXCEPTIONS – HT will always be equal to the number of H wefts, or MORE, but never less.
      • Meaning you won’t have 1HT and 5H


Artist Pricing:

18″ — $275 — 110g 

22″ — $400 — 120g

It is recommended that the HYBRID pricing stays the same as the ISLA HAND-TIED.

As a reminder currently ISLA Hand-Tied is:

18″ $135 / weft

22″ $200 / weft


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