[Phase 3 HOT SEAT] REPLAY JUNE, 2021

phase three hot seat

hot seats

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Describe the current situation?


I am doing my daily 4, doing my videos, putting out quality content. Just not getting leads, or Clients. Also not charging what I wish I was , but feel like I can’t because I don’t Even have many clients as it is. I just can’t gure out what it is that I’m doing wrong within business to course correct.


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As you go through and begin to change your services, your clientele, your salon, even your mentality, you are going to come across problems.


These problems will range from how to make or break partnerships, how to let go of clients, how to raise your prices, maybe even let go of someone on your staff, really anything inside your business.


Then there are the personal problems. Nothing will affect your business MORE than not handling your own emotional, mental, and home state.


A Hot Seat is designed for you to have a ONE on ONE with a Trainer. To go through the problem you are having and figure out the next steps in order to overcome it.


The Hot Seat Training will be available to attend LIVE, and watch On Demand for 30 days following the training.


While you might be nervous talking about your problems in front of the other Artists, you'll be surprised by how many people are dealing with the SAME issue.


All it takes is ONE person to be brave enough, and bold enough to speak first.


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