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Describe the current situation?


2020 didn't hit me the way I thought it would. instead it all came back around and hit me this year in 2021. like most people, I was dealing with a very toxic family situation. Very negative, very emotional and paralyzing.


I decided to move at the beginning of the year and opened up a second suite in San Diego. I got two renters in the Bay Area for when I am away and am able to travel back and forth to keep my guests up there. I ended up moving again in San Diego and switched my suite location to accommodate my commute better.


I absolutely love my new location. but between the traveling back and forth between salons and building clientele in a whole new area. one of my renters in the bay is shady and since she is more "seasoned" she doesn't want to sign a contract and she isn't able to take on any new techniques or overow clients.


I need to get a good renter in my Bay Area location and an assistant and or renter in my new location. I am surrounded by people who are just waiting for me to fall on my face with no encouragement and I don't know the rst step in ejecting myself from this lifestyle I thought I worked so hard to get myself out of.. I know its a lot of work. I had a plan and vision but I am burnt out. there are so many different issues coming to the surface and I just need a smack in the face and a breath of fresh air. I need accountability and a plan!


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As you go through and begin to change your services, your clientele, your salon, even your mentality, you are going to come across problems.


These problems will range from how to make or break partnerships, how to let go of clients, how to raise your prices, maybe even let go of someone on your staff, really anything inside your business.


Then there are the personal problems. Nothing will affect your business MORE than not handling your own emotional, mental, and home state.


A Hot Seat is designed for you to have a ONE on ONE with a Trainer. To go through the problem you are having and figure out the next steps in order to overcome it.


The Hot Seat Training will be available to attend LIVE, and watch On Demand for 30 days following the training.


While you might be nervous talking about your problems in front of the other Artists, you'll be surprised by how many people are dealing with the SAME issue.


All it takes is ONE person to be brave enough, and bold enough to speak first.


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