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As you go through and begin to change your services, your clientele, your salon, even your mentality, you are going to come across problems.

These problems will range from how to make or break partnerships, how to let go of clients, how to raise your prices, maybe even let go of someone on your staff, really anything inside your business.

Then there are the personal problems. Nothing will affect your business MORE than not handling your own emotional, mental, and home state.

A Hot Seat is designed for you to have a ONE on ONE with a Trainer. To go through the problem you are having and figure out the next steps in order to overcome it.

The Hot Seat Training will be available to attend LIVE, and watch On Demand for 30 days following the training.

While you might be nervous talking about your problems in front of the other Artists, you'll be surprised by how many people are dealing with the SAME issue.

All it takes is ONE person to be brave enough, and bold enough to speak first.

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Reminder: This Hot Seat will only be up for ONE month. So be sure to watch.





This past year I’ve invested,made major changes within my business, I’ve gained 20 NBR guests and am very close to doing just NBR, BUT my husband and I are moving to Las Vegas Nevada from California. I plan to fly over once a month for my current NBR maintenance which I know will soon get old. I’d love to work at a NBR salon but I’ve only found one, I’ve hustled and have done daily 4 started my own suite hired an apprentice and I’m not sure if I want to start all over again as I’m 47 and a little tired, my goal in joining the Academy was to slow down but now I feel I have to hustle again. Not sure what to do next.




I'm currently working in a salon I hate. Every morning I wake up and would rather bite my own lips off than go to work. I know I need to leave, and I want to leave, but I don't know how. I am diagnosed with ADHD, and I have such a hard time staying focused and motivated. I have failed being a solo artist before (like I left a Sola suite with 4 months left on the lease because I couldn't pay the $230/weekly). I am terrified to fail again. I have too much going on, and an idiot brain disorder that makes it literally impossible to prioritize tasks. I have a hard time staying on time, and I know I want an assistant, but I don't know how to hire/pay then. I know I need more money NOW, I know I need to leave NOW, and I know if I keep working my YouTube channel and other marketing efforts it will all pay off. I end up paralyzed by all the tasks to do (hence putting off assignments in Academy for so long) and I'm just so tired of hating my life and business. 

I have a vision, and I have the drive, and I just need to make a better life for my kid. 

Essentially, I'm super overwhelmed and overstimulated, and I hate going to work. There's a non-compete clause in the contract I'm a little concerned with.

I need a game plan to get out of the salon and start working for myself. I don't know where to start. 

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