No Zones

No Zones

There are THREE (3) NO ZONES inside of NBR®.

  1. Nape

  2. Temple

  3. Recession Zone

The scalp in the nape is too flexible and the extensions can slip and/ or pull and not deliver a good client experience. 

If your sectioning is squared off, it will be in the Temple No Zone area.  Keep with the natural curve of the head and ALWAYS connect your sectioning at the top to ensure the teardrop shape. 

Avoid the Recession Zone AND the hair directly touching the Recession Zone. This hair is too delicate, and CANNOT support the weight of the extensions.
Below you will find the diagram of the “NO ZONES”. 

In these 3 No Zones the scalp AND the hair are too tender for extensions to be installed. 

These No Zones are set in place to give your client the best experience with the most natural placement AND to protect their scalp and hair. There is potential for damage if the extensions are placed in these areas. 

If all those reasons aren’t enough to scream DON’T DO IT… here is another. 

Your client won’t be able to wear their hair up in a Ponytail. YEAH, that’s a problem. If the extensions are placed in the No Zones, they can’t be hidden when worn up. So always make sure you are checking that your client has enough hair to cover the rows.

Now that we have the “No Zones” out of the way, we can move onto the lesson you’ve been dying for; learning where the NBR® rows are placed for ultimate versatility!

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