Mastermind Weekly Call | June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023

Mastermind wEEKLY Call

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This week’s call with Coach Katie and Krystal was one for the books! 

This weeks topic?  Assistants! Assistants! Assistants!

The group dove deep into several topics relating to assistants; from when to hire or fire to setting expectations and giving feedback, no topic was untouched! 

It’s important to find assistants who vibe with your team’s values, but also someone who genuinely loves what they do, and have the desire to grow and learn.

While we’d all love to find that “forever assistant” it’s probably never going to happen. 

As a powerful Artist making a difference in this industry you will tend to attract individuals who crave growth, and when they see how you are continuing to grow and a person, and Artist, chances are they’ll want that too.

Embracing the mentality of allowing your team the opportunity to grow within your salon will motivate them, and in turn will give you even more opportunities for growth!

“Call people up instead of calling them out.”

– Unknown

Whether you have one team member or fifteen, the need for clear communication, setting expectations, and being open to growth and development is crucial. 

Being clear and keeping things real will make sure everyone knows their role and expectations is important. 

Constructive feedback is crucial to your team’s growth and your growth as an entrepreneur. 

Having clear and open communication as a team will take you further than anything.

Regular check-ins were a big hit among the group; address concerns, show appreciation, bring up areas for improvement, and most importantly celebrate the wins

Keeping that feedback loop going is key!

It’s not about calling anyone out; it’s about lifting them up!

Remember that you are a game-changer in this industry, paving the way for others, and have so much value to give your team.

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