Mastermind Weekly Call | July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

Mastermind wEEKLY Call

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In this week’s call, Katie and Krystal kicked off the conversation by diving into the topic of “sectioning,” where we discovered that teaching it differently could unlock hidden potentials for various learning needs. 

Then came the quote of the day.

Someone who knows everything knows nothing.


The group discussed the power of humility and how the advantage of participating in these calls weekly allows us to learn and grow from each other, and we’re lucky to have a group that we can let our guards down with and push one another towards greatness.

We realized that being perpetual students, always eager to learn and grow, is the key to unlocking our fullest potential.

As the call continued, we discussed the importance of seizing control of our craft.We all know those clients who want to have a say in their weft colors. But…

Did they go to hair school? And even if they did, they’re sitting in your chair. You have to be the Artist.

Katie and Krystal also took a moment to remind the group of the benefits of the Mastermind Program and urged them to take advantage!

It was a great reminder that we are part of something extraordinary, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are always striving for greatness.

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