Lead Organization Assignment


Lead Organization ASSIGNMENT

Overview and Purpose

By now the artists should have at minimum half their books full of NBR, if not an entire book of NBR. 

Now they must learn how to manage those leads in order to ensure that no one is falling through the cracks.

The Assignment


  • Create AND implement your own process for organizing your leads
  • This can be using Trello / Jot Form and Zapier
    • If you do NOT want to use those you can use another program
  • You will want to create a system for:
    • Knowing which leads have applied
    • Where in the application/consultation process they are at
    • What communication has been shared with them
    • Where and how the leads & clients will be contacted
      • Ex: through Avochato, or a salon phone, or another program
    • If you own a salon, how the artist can see the information

Each Artist will be turning in:

  • Screenshots of your process
  • A written explanation of your lead organization process

Pass or redo


  • A screenshot of the Lead Organization Process was sent in
  • A thorough explanation of the Lead Org. process was written out


  • Paper Organization will not be accepted
  • If the artists do not write a detailed explanation of their process
    • Single sentences or words will not be accepted


Lead Organization will not look the same for every student.

What we are looking for is that the students have organized their leads based on where they are in the application/consultation/appointment process. 

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