Inventory Assignment



Overview and Purpose

Buying frivolously will no longer work. 

In order to have a salon that is PROFITABLE Artists will have to focus on Inventory and ISLA storage structure. 

This will have a better thought out plan, and eliminate wasteful spending.

The Assignment

Each artist will be turning in the following:


  • Outline for inventory and storage of ISLA hair
    • This includes reordering
    • Include a photo of your hair storage

  • Outline for inventory of color & tools at the salon
    • This includes reordering of:
      • Color
      • Tools
      • NBR tools

  • Outline for Inventory of  all backbar products and retail products

Pass or redo


  • All of the questions must be answered in a thorough manner


  • If they do not answer all of the questions
  • If they answer with one sentence or just one word
  • If it is apparent that no thought was actually put behind the answers
    • This will vary from Artist to Artist – it is up to YOU as the trainer to decide if enough thought and effort has been put into it, OR if it’s been a half-ass effort
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