Intro-to: Video

Intro-to: Video

Video is all about doing a LIVE video and just getting in front of the camera to engage with your audience. 

LIVE videos are important for 2 main reasons:

  1. It gets you comfortable in front of a camera. Hint: This is important later on in the Academy, the sooner you start, the better!
  2. It lets clients see the real, unfiltered you! This builds trust between you and your leads.

Although they have a very important role inside of Marketing, IG Stories, REELS and TikToKs, do NOT count as Videos. We are focusing on LIVE videos.

Stories, Reels and TikToks allow you to record and re-record and do that as much as you please until things are perfect. LIVES allow you to be authentic and connect.  

Your clients are going to love seeing the unedited version of yourself, think that’s how they see you when they are in your chair.

You must include a Call to Action at the close of your video. This can be anything that pertains to them engaging further. A great CTA is instructing them to book their next appointment with you. 

Yay, you’re halfway through learning about Daily Four! I know you can’t wait to engage with  your current and future clients in your Live Videos. Next up is the Photo portion of Daily Four. 

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