Intro-to: Tightening & Wefts

Intro-to: Tightening & Wefts

Color is PACKAGE PRICING at a Tightening Appointment. It does not matter if a client is getting a root touch-up, or a full foil… if you have to do any color, then that is one price for the color service. If you are doing an extremely aggressive color correction then YES, you can charge more. But you will never be charging less. Then you will add in the price per Row on top of that Package Pricing. 

You will need to establish Tightening Pricing for:

  • 1 Row 
  • 2nd Row
  • 3rd Row
  • Mini
  • Package Color
  • 18” Weft
  • 22” Weft
  • 24” Weft
  • Row Rebuild

At a Tightening Appointment when a client needs replacement wefts, those will be a la carte. At a minimum, you should replace 3 wefts at one time to SEE and FEEL a difference.  Especially if you are changing the client’s color and instead of lighting their hair, you use lighter wefts to do the work for you. 

These are STARTING prices, the more that you practice, and the better that you get, the more you can charge!

Remember this as you move onto your BMS® 100 Pricing Assignment #3

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