Intro-to: Text

Intro-to: Text

Every potential client may have their attention captured in different formats of marketing.

Some leads like to watch videos, others love to read. If you only market to ONE of those then you’re potentially losing tens of thousands of dollars in missed clients

A text post is NOT a text message. I repeat…NOT A TEXT MESSAGE

A text post is a text-based post like:

  • Longer captions under IG photos
  • Facebook Posts
  • Emails
  • Blogs

A Text post at minimum must be 2 paragraphs with approximately 5 sentences per paragraph. 

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with your clients on a new, personal level. Clients love stories and they connect best when they can relate. 

Your Text post must end with a Call To Action (this does not count as one of the sentences).

Now that you’ve learned all the parts of your Daily Four, it’s now time to put it all into action.


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