Intro-to: Picture


A client not only has to be able to see what you create, but they also need to see themselves in your marketing! Being relatable is key, that is why pictures are so important.

You can post anything related to hair: Before and Afters, Styled Afters, Products, Tools, Beadwork, etc. 

Do not post things that you do not want more of. You don’t want to do men’s cuts? Stop posting them. You don’t want fashion colors? Don’t post them.

If you LOVE doing Blondes and Extensions – then post things that will attract those guests. 

You can also post Lifestyle shots as long as they look clean and relate to your brand (keep the food shots to your story).

Your pictures should always have an engaging caption and MUST HAVE A CALL TO ACTION.

The captions in this portion don’t necessarily have to be extremely long but should lead them to engage with further action, “Comment below if this styling tip helped you, ect.” 

Now you’ve got your camera ready, photos taken and captions written with a CTA, now we’ll dive deeper in the next topic, Text Posts. 

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