Intro-to: New Install


New Installations are PACKAGE PRICING. That means it includes EVERYTHING. No more A La Carte. Do not try to do it A La Carte or you will end up losing money.

They are paying for an overall look and OUTCOME.

NBR® is a high end service and everything a client could need is included in the Package Pricing. 

That means all of these things are calculated into your Package Pricing:

  • Coloring the client’s hair
  • Coloring the ISLA® hair
  • The ISLA® hair itself
  • Installing NBR® Extensions
  • Cut
  • Style

Remember the $500 dollar non-refundable deposit is a deposit to hold their spot on your books.  

It is NOT a hair deposit! 

You need to know that and your clients need to know that as well. The $500 will be taken off their service total when they checkout at the end of their service. They will pay you the remaining balance after the $500 has been deducted from the total.

Pricing in this video is based on a 6 hour appointment time with a profit of $100 an hour. 

The ultimate goal will be doing a 3 hour appointment, which will cause your dollars per hour to increase. This is why Power Practice is so important, get your rhythm and speed up. 

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