Intro-to: Audio

Intro-to: Audio

An Audio message is meant to make a client feel special and have YOU stand out from the mass of emails and texts they get daily.

The audio portion of Daily Four is extremely important because it can be personalized to your guest and intentional.

To send an Audio you want to do it with an App, like Voice Memo, it allows you to record and save the message. This allows you to personalize and rename the file to  “Hi [name]!” so it doesn’t send as “Audio #845_0073” and they think it’s a strange file. 

It is not recommended to use iMessage voice recording to send an audio because if they do not hear it, or they press the wrong button, the message will disappear. The pre-recorded Voice Memo will be saved in the message thread with your client. 

After sending the Audio file you want to immediately follow up with it giving them a call to action. Like PRESS PLAY, or SOUND ON!  This will keep them from thinking it’s a scam message or file. 

They’re going to love it! Now that we have covered the first portion of Daily Four, next up is Video.

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