How-to: Start Bead Refresh

How-to: Start Bead Refresh

In this training, you will see Coach Ani demo the Start Bead Refresh in real-time. 

Always keep your work CLEAN to ensure that you do not have any crosshairs.

Be mindful of taking an Oval section shape to AVOID a corner, which can cause pulling and tension.

 Remember you want the edge of the wefts to meet up with the On-Base Start Bead. The angle of the bead will be at 45º.  

Do not CINCH your two strings when tying off your Start Beads. That will cause your bead to have too much tension again, and then you are right back to the same issue you were trying to eliminate. 

Make sure you only use a little dab of glue on your knot/ legs, and then plier flatten to ensure the weft is sealed.

If you need to, you can open up the bead one more time, and remove any little hairs ONE HAIR at a time. 

Just remember to close it back down when you are done!

You will solve for 3 Problems, in this order 


  • Cut the original track, and remove the bead. 
  • Choose the correct section and put a NEW bead on.


  • Count back five stitches and do a stitch (this will land in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd bead).
  • Before you tighten the stitch, hold the Start Bead down and gently move the string back and forth to remove any slack.


  • BACKSTITCH all the way back to the new Start Bead.
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