How-to: ISLA® Patterns & Placement

How-to: ISLA® Patterns & Placement

A pattern is how the wefts are placed symmetrically on the head to create a cohesive blend.

It may be helpful to do a trial of your wefts prior to pinning. You can hold them up and brush them together to see which blends and matches your guest’s hair the best. 

When pinning your pattern, you can place two wefts at once.  Placing two wefts at a time will not only decrease the time it takes, but there is less of a chance that the wefts will slip as you’re opening and closing the clips less times. 

Be sure to use the tip of the clip, as it has the most tension when pinning hair. Place one clip between each bead while pinning hair to keep everything with proper tension.

End Bead & Weft Rules:

There should ONLY ever be TWO wefts touching the end bead. The third weft on the side must sit back ¼” – ½” off the end bead. If a weft is reaching from start bead to end bead, it could be that your sectioning was too squared off.

Pinning your wefts correctly sets you up for success when you get to the next step, Stitching.

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