How-to: End Bead Pop-Off

How-To: End Bead Pop-Off

A Pop-Off is when you do NOT cut the track.

You are simply removing the bead to choose a new section so that your bead will be On Base when it meets up with the edge of your weft

If the string is too short, you will opt to do a Refresh.

Always keep your work CLEAN to ensure that you do not have any crosshairs.

To AVOID a corner, which can cause pulling and tension, be mindful to take an Oval section shape.


The knot AND the section of hair still need to be over-directed to the RIGHT of the section. That way, when you rotate the bead back to 45º, it will be On Base. 

Sometimes you may need to add one more stitch to ensure the corner of the weft is secured to the track right next to the bead. 

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