Generals Tent

General's Tent

Doing great hair does not mean that you will have a successful salon. You also need to understand the NUMBERS in your salon.

This is the time to build good habits around your business practices. 

As you continue through DKW® Styling Academy you will notice the focus is on both growth Behind the Chair AND In Front of the Chair.


  1. You don’t know how much money you’re making.
  2. You do not keep track of your numbers.
  3. You don’t have a system to track your numbers.
  4. You are making moves, decisions, and goals from an uninformed and unrealistic standard.


  1. Maximize productivity = more profit 
  2. Micro moves and adjustments = massive results
  3. With a clear understanding of the numbers, you are able to make projections and move your company forward.

You will be tracking your numbers for an ENTIRE Month. 

No feelings, no excuses, just facts and your numbers. 

You’re going to be scoring yourself based on if you completed your Power Practice, Daily Four, what leads you recieve, consultations, ect. 

This is for YOU to know YOUR numbers in YOUR business

Below you will find the link to your Generals Tent Tracker.

Download the GENERALS TENT tracker HERE.

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